plant explorations

Oh Terrariums, How I Love You!

fantastical terrarium creations at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens

01/14/2011 By Kate Bryant


Slide Show: Travels in Mexico


plant explorations

Travels in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens

01/12/2011 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Nature Night at the Audubon Society

European Ecoroofs: Lessons in Biodiversity

01/10/2011 By Kate Bryant

book review

Energy Wise Landscape Design

The book to have if you’re planning landscape changes

01/03/2011 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Free Days at the Lan Su Chinese Garden

January 2nd to 9th, 2011

12/30/2010 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Learn to Prune Like a Pro

Urban Forestry is offering a great class

12/27/2010 By Kate Bryant

places to go

Find Calm at the Portland Japanese Garden

the perfect holiday respite

12/22/2010 By Kate Bryant

book update

Terrarium Craft

- a progress report

12/17/2010 By Kate Bryant

favorite plants

Great Plants for Winter Pizzazz

there’s more to winter interest than pretty flowers!

12/14/2010 By Kate Bryant

gifts for gardeners

Gifts for Gardeners, Part II (west side)

Shop local!

12/10/2010 By Kate Bryant

good stuff

Wanted: One Organically-Grown Christmas Tree

Some growers are already using sustainable practices. Now we just need to see the certification process start!

12/09/2010 By Kate Bryant

books on sale

Amazing Discount on Gardening Books

Timber Press opens 40% Family & Friends discount to Plantwise readers through Dec 14

12/08/2010 By Kate Bryant

gifts for gardeners

Gifts for Gardeners, Part I (east side)

this holiday season, support local shops when looking for gifts for gardeners and plant lovers

11/30/2010 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Right on Schedule, Winter Weather’s Here

but it isn’t usually this cold!

11/22/2010 By Kate Bryant

tips and tricks

Reflections on Narcissus

turns out they like a stiff drink

11/19/2010 By Kate Bryant

good stuff

iPhone App for Portland’s Heritage Trees

A great excuse for a walk!

11/17/2010 By Kate Bryant