things to do

Dahlias and More Dahlias!

Florid, frothy fluff-ball flowers!

09/03/2010 By Kate Bryant

get dirty

Plant Division Leads to Multiplication!

Garden Mathematics 101

09/02/2010 By Kate Bryant



or, how I’ve spent the last 40 days and 40 nights!

08/31/2010 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Planty, Gardeny Things to Do This Weekend

Swan Island Dahlia Festival, seed-saving class, plant your winter veges and score some good sale plants at your local retail nurseries!

08/27/2010 By Kate Bryant

plant person profile

Garden by Cycle

08/25/2010 By Kate Bryant

plant geek's corner

Risen from the Dead

- good things come to those who wait!

08/24/2010 By Kate Bryant

get dirty

Seedheads and Self-Sowing Surprises

should they stay or should they go?

08/20/2010 By Kate Bryant

smart idea

Plant Lust

…hopefully consummated, and often!

08/17/2010 By Kate Bryant

get dirty

Fall Greens and Winter Veges

a weekend project

08/13/2010 By Kate Bryant

things to do

Hot Summer Bloomers

no, not naughty Victorian undergarments – flowers, silly!

08/09/2010 By Kate Bryant

Get Dirty

Perennials That Flop

here’s what to do

08/03/2010 By Kate Bryant

plant of the week

Flowering Maple

One of the most luscious plants of late summer. And fall. And winter.

07/30/2010 By Kate Bryant

horticultural ed

Design Tips from Dan Hinkley

notes from the 2010 PPA conference in Portland

07/25/2010 By Kate Bryant

good gardening

Bad, Naughty Invasive Plants

and what to do about them

07/21/2010 By Kate Bryant

garden tours

A Garden With Chutzpa

07/18/2010 By Kate Bryant

plant of the week

Painted Tongue

the best annual flower of 2010

07/16/2010 By Kate Bryant

Get Dirty

Pruning Lavender

here’s how to do it – plus highlights from the Lavender Festival

07/11/2010 By Kate Bryant