Dancing Candles

Candlelight dances naturally, but so do these graceful candlestick holders.

02/26/2012 By Kristin Belz


Eats (From) Leaves (That) Bend

Plate up dinner on beautiful bendable leaf-like dishes from Nao Tamura.

02/19/2012 By Kristin Belz


Wonder Walls

Why paint when you can paper instead?

02/18/2012 By Kristin Belz


A Colorful Carpet Language

Company C makes soft and cushy rugs filled with color and character.

02/14/2012 By Kristin Belz


Window Warmers

An extra layer helps insulate old windows – but it doesn’t have to look like a blanket.

02/12/2012 By Kristin Belz


Text and the Art of Decorating

Keeping Calm and Carrying On – and other written messages.

02/07/2012 By Kristin Belz

Out and About

Asian Fusion: Lapchi Feng Shui

Learn about the art of Feng Shui in a free workshop February 9 at the Pearl District’s Atelier Lapchi.

01/29/2012 By Kristin Belz


Upping the Appeal of Countertop Composting

Composting is great, but can the bin look a little better?

01/29/2012 By Kristin Belz


Smart Beds, Small Spaces

Murphy beds come out of the closet.

01/23/2012 By Kristin Belz


Snowflake Lights for Snowless Nights

Paper snowflake lamps cast snowflake shadows inside, even when there’s no snow outside.

01/21/2012 By Kristin Belz

$10 and Under

Living, Breathing Ornaments

The exotic tendrils of airplants might be the most unusual decoration on your tree this year.

12/20/2011 By Kristin Belz


A Range of Needs and Stoves

Stove love, and cooking around the world.

12/13/2011 By Kristin Belz


Clean Home, Green Home

The gift of earth-friendly cleanliness, brought to you by bicycle.

12/11/2011 By Kristin Belz


Temporary Beauty

Portland Art Museum lets you bring home fine art without making a long-term commitment.

11/27/2011 By Kristin Belz


Heath Speaks of the Hearth

The classic California ceramic dinnerware is perfect for creating a welcoming and warm Thanksgiving table.

11/21/2011 By Kristin Belz


Searching for Vintage

Can you manufacture authenticity, or does it only come with age?

11/14/2011 By Kristin Belz

Retail Watch

Williams-Sonoma Rejuvenates

The California king of all things home adds a Portland prize to its portfolio: Rejuvenation.

11/08/2011 By Kristin Belz


Leaves, Light, and Luddites

Preserve the old-fashioned method of preserving leaves by pressing them in wax paper. Autumn leaves; beauty stays.

11/07/2011 By Kristin Belz


A 1940 Chaise for 2011 Chillaxin'

Charlotte Perriand’s chaise longue joins the furniture she created in the 1920s with that most famous icon of modern architecture himself, Le Corbusier.

10/31/2011 By Kristin Belz

$10 and Under

Closet Case

How to make a trip into the closet not so scary.

10/28/2011 By Kristin Belz