Bamboo With Benefits

A Poulsbo, WA couple design El Dot furniture, made from bamboo harvested and handcrafted in Nepal.

10/13/2011 By Kristin Belz


Marimekko, Forever in Fashion

Classics come in various shapes, sizes and colors, and they never go out of fashion. Marimekko is a prime example.

10/10/2011 By Kristin Belz


Lusting Over Bathroom Luxury

Be careful when taking house tours, green or otherwise: serious envy may result.

10/06/2011 By Kristin Belz


Sustainable Sound that Looks Good Too

A high-tech MP3 speaker/radio without the plas-tech look.

09/22/2011 By Kristin Belz

Out and About

Designs Without Borders

Join West Elm, Design*Sponge, Pigeon Toe, Satsuma, and Skinny LaMinx to celebrate a Cloth, Paper and Clay cross-continental collaboration.

09/21/2011 By Kristin Belz


Design Within Reach More Within Reach?

No one ever said Design Within Reach meant prices within reach, but the 15% off dining sale is one of several local sales that might help.

09/14/2011 By Kristin Belz


Sofa Size and the Mid-century Mods

Mod can be modernist or modest, but the sofa has to fit, in so many ways.

09/08/2011 By Kristin Belz


Photos Go From Digital to Plywerk

Plywerk will print and mount your digital photo files onto elegant eco-friendly "frames."

09/02/2011 By Kristin Belz


A Planter for Plant-killing People

Having a black thumb doesn’t mean you can’t also have a green indoor garden.

08/31/2011 By Kristin Belz

$10 and Under

Records of the Future

In today’s dorm rooms, record album covers are recycled as retro art for the walls.

08/25/2011 By Kristin Belz


Wall Power

Walls are made to be drawn on when you cover them with this dry-erase paint.

08/23/2011 By Kristin Belz


No Whining: Govino Glasses are Elegant, Eco-friendly and Shatterproof

These picnic-packable glasses let you imbibe graciously no matter where you go.

08/19/2011 By Kristin Belz


Swept Away by Sassafras and Broomcorn

Rarely does a broom inspire such admiration of its quality, craft and beauty.

08/16/2011 By Kristin Belz


Fluorescents that Flaunt their Curves

Energy conservation meets innovative beauty in these new light bulbs.

08/11/2011 By Kristin Belz

$10 and Under

Todd Oldham Brings Whimsical Charley Harper Designs to the Table

Harper was a fabulous mid-century modernist illustrator whose simple designs are being rediscovered and repurposed in tableware for today.

08/10/2011 By Kristin Belz


Pantone Makes Mugs for Every Mood

Match your mood as you match your colors.

08/04/2011 By Kristin Belz


Healthy Poppy Paints at Lowe’s

Yolo Colorhouse has a new quartet of poppy-inspired summer colors out, and they’re easier to find now that Lowe’s is carrying them.

07/29/2011 By Kristin Belz

Out and About

Salvage Secrets Q & A at Rejuvenation

Salvage maven Joanne Palmisano has a new book all about making discards into design treasures, and she wants to share.

07/28/2011 By Kristin Belz

Under $10

Somewhere Over the Rainbow(ls)

These colorful striped wooden bowls will make you stop in your tracks.

07/26/2011 By Kristin Belz


Back to the Typewriter

Put aside, for a moment, the iPad, and contemplate the typewriter. Is it an objet d’art or a utilitarian typing machine?

07/19/2011 By Kristin Belz