This month, Portland Monthly is all about real estate. Whether you're looking to buy, rent, or sell a home, we have you covered. For our 2019 real estate guide, including numbers, stats, and analytical breakdowns for our 125 neighborhoods and suburbs, click here

We also are looking at ways to improve your existing home. So we asked Portland's expert painters, plumbers, gardeners, and homeowners for their best advice on how to fix up your home. Here's what they told us. 

In This Feature:

Make Your Garden a Shady Paradise

Embrace your dark side.

03/26/2019 By Jennifer Krazit

Give a Drab Room New Life with a Lively Wallpaper Mural

It's all about the patterns, people.

03/26/2019 By Kelly Clarke

Add a Steamy Sauna to Your Backyard

Call it sweat equity.

03/26/2019 By Marty Patail

Portland's Home Care Experts Spill Their Secrets

From fixing troublesome plumbing to organizing nightmare closets, here's your guide to making your home instantly better.

03/26/2019 By Kelly Clarke, Marty Patail, Jackson Main, and Wriik Maui