Women’s history month? In Oregon, women make history year-round. For our second annual feature honoring the extraordinary women of our state, we asked 10 local luminaries to pair off for conversations on what it means to be an Oregon woman today. They exchanged tough questions—on working families and women in power, equity in the arts and self-definition in society. What did we learn? That Oregon women are drawn to idealism, to disrupting the system, to defining ourselves—no matter what—and that regardless of where we go, we’re irresistibly called back to this land. It’s also clear that that we have a lot of work to do, on issues including civil rights, economic equity, and social opportunity. Fortunately, we can draw strength from the inspiring place we call home.

In This Feature:

Why Being an Oregonian is All About Idealism

Advertising guru Mira Kaddoura and indigenous people’s advocate Alyssa Macy talk opportunity, diversity, and why Oregon always calls us back home.

02/23/2016 By Zach Dundas

Guiding Oregon’s Arts and Assets

Meyer Memorial Trust’s Rukaiyah Adams and WillaKenzie Estate’s Ronni Lacroute discuss power, tokenism, and feeling pushed away from math class.

02/23/2016 By Ramona DeNies

How Two Oregon Women Learned to Find Their Voice

Transgender advocate V Thongrivong and Pink Martini’s China Forbes talk performing, family, and gratitude.

02/23/2016 By Ramona DeNies

Why Oregon Women Need Radical Reform at Home and On the Job

Andrea Paluso of Family Forward Oregon and p:ear's Pippa Arend discuss self-sacrifice, the value of caregiving, and the decision to have children (or not).

02/23/2016 By Kelly Clarke

Two Fierce Oregon Women Who Insist on Defining Themselves

Nkenge Harmon Johnson of the Urban League of Portland and comics writer Kelly Sue DeConnick talk self-determination, aging, and what it’s like to work in a male-dominated industry.

02/23/2016 By Marty Patail

The Year’s Movers, Shakers, and Newsmakers

From music to politics to roller derby, Oregon women have made serious waves lately. We take a look back.

02/23/2016 By Ramona DeNies

Video: Behind the Scenes at the Oregon Woman 2016 Photo Shoot

For our March issue, we convinced 10 amazing ladies to interview each other over a two-day photo shoot blitz. Here’s what it looks like to be part of Portland Monthly's 2016 Oregon Woman feature.

02/23/2016 With Sika Stanton

Bri Pruett and Courtenay Hameister: Funny in Oregon

A stand-up comedian and former Live Wire radio host talk women in comedy, Portland creatives, and artisanal cheese.

02/25/2016 By Fiona McCann

Oregon Woman 2015

The inspiring women of our state are writers, brewers, ranchers, politicians, designers, investors, punk rockers, and mothers. They are pioneers, rule-breakers, and innovators. Meet them.

03/02/2015 Edited by Rachel Ritchie