Six Expert Tips for Shopping for Weed in Portland

Weed is legal but you don't know what you're doing. We asked a Portland quality-control expert for guidance.

10/19/2015 By Portland Monthly Staff


Gadgets, Rubs, Tinctures, and Other Highlights from Oregon's New Weed Economy

This month’s hottest locally made goods—the weed edition!

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Marijuana Legalization: Where Are We Now?

The chief petitioner of last year's successful legalization measure talks about where we are now—and where we have to go.

09/04/2015 By Marty Patail

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The Literary Stoner: Bringing Weed to Your Reads

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How to Cash In On Legal Pot in Portland

We get the inside scoop on making money in the new marijuana market from one of Washington's pot branding pros.

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Legal Weed is Coming! Are We Ready?

Oregon may vote to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014. As the drug war winds down, we explore Oregon's current cannabis landscape.

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