James Beard On Stage: Five Questions With Jessica Kubzansky

Director of a one-man show about legendary chef James Beard talks about resurrecting Portland's culinary godfather.

12/20/2012 By Zach Dundas


Back in Time in the NW Quadrant

Jane Comerford's "A History of Northwest Portland" shows and tells what early Stumptown was really like.

12/10/2012 By Kristin Belz


Oregon’s Civil War Buffs

Our historical reenactors passionately relive battles between North and South

11/21/2012 By Riley Stevenson


Portland Past

A survey of Portland's beliefs and values over time

09/25/2012 By Martin Patail and Riley Stevenson


Bittman Battles the UFOs, One Meal at a Time

The crusading journalist/cook preaches to the choir at Feast Portland, but it's good to be reinspired.

09/24/2012 By Kristin Belz


Perfect Storm

Fifty years ago, the Big Blow smashed Oregon—and cleared a path for pinot noir.

09/21/2012 By Kit Mauldin


Collective Memory

A new museum at the Oregon State Hospital takes visitors behind the walls and through the history of the enigmatic facility.

08/23/2012 By Emily Grosvenor

Insider's Guide to the Gorge

How’d the Gorge Get There?

We chart the geologic evolution of the Columbia River Gorge. This may take a while.

05/25/2012 Edited by Kasey Cordell


Haute History

A tour through fashion emblems of the past century—and where to find them now

04/27/2012 By Eden Dawn

UFO Oregon

A Guide to Oregon’s Extraterrestrial Past and Present!

To celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the state’s most famous UFO sighting, we probed experts and skeptics for a guide to our otherworldly history.

04/20/2012 By Martin Patail


Defining the Decades

Portland power players of the past

03/16/2012 By Carl Abbott


Black in Portland

The history of African American communities in Portland is a very moving tale.

02/17/2012 By Randy Gragg


Spirit of ’70

It has been forty years since the tumultuous year of 1970—we reflect on a notable timeline of events which steadfastly birthed a new Portland.

04/20/2010 By Martin Patail

The Mudroom

Gael Force

The Irish have given Portland, Mayor Sam Adams, an 8,000 volume book collection to the Central Library, The Under Wonder Lounge and more.

02/02/2010 By Kasey Cordell


A New Project Puts More Than 150 Years of Oregon History Just One Click Away

The Oregon Encyclopedia Project takes history high-tech.




Happy 150th, Oregon! Here’s a little Valentimeline from the heart of the state.

05/19/2009 By Kasey Cordell