Financial life is getting more and more complicated. Just how much money do you need for a decent retirement? (As much as you can possibly get, it would seem.) What iscryptocurrency? Can your investment portfolio both make money and improve the world? Its all especially fraught in Portland, a city historically less wealthy than its peers, where people generally don’t like ostentation but generally do like living well. That’s why were taking stock of Portland’s money: how to make it, how to save it, and how it’s changing. We’ve got microinvestment apps. Weve got big new ideas for how to run a business. Weve got scores of sweet deals and a talking dog. Money may not be easy to make, or even to understand, but here’s a surprising discovery in this project: itcan be fun.

In This Feature:

Inside the Mind of A Portland Angel Investor

Venture capitalist Eric Rosenfeld talks about our start-up scene, where the money is coming from, and how Portland can cash in even more.

01/05/2015 By Marty Patail

3 Great Collective Workplaces for Start-Ups in Portland

Sharing is caring at these rentable offices for freelancing workers searching for community.

01/05/2015 By Tuck Woodstock

Financial Lessons From the Chapman Swifts

How Portland’s most famous flock of birds reveals the true nature of money

01/05/2015 By David Wolman

What the New York Times Got Wrong About Portland

What we talk about when we talk about how the city makes a living

01/05/2015 By Zach Dundas

Three Steps to Retiring Rich

A strategy for health and happiness over the long haul—as told in notes from your future self.

01/05/2015 By Kelly Clarke

The Portland Paycheck Peep Show!

We scope out some of Oregon’s more sensational salaries—go ahead, take a look.

01/05/2015 By Keegan Clements-Housser

Hot Tips from Portland's Financial Pros

Enlighten your investments, get smart with taxes, consider cash flow, and find out which local stocks are on the rise

01/05/2015 By Eric Earle, Kate Goodling, and Keegan Clements-Housser

Five Local Credit Unions that Started Small But Aimed Big

Looking to leave the big banks for locally-raised credit union? Here are the options.

01/05/2015 By Kate Goodling

How Portland's Cost of Living (and Beer) Compares to Major U.S. Cities

Think the cash is always greener in Portland? Think again. We do the math on average rent, transit prices, and the cost of a pint.

01/05/2015 By Catalina Gaitán

5 Apps to Transform Your Monetary Life

Your phone is about to become your new financial guru.

01/05/2015 By Rachel Ritchie

How Would the Buddha Budget?

Monetary angst is as old as money itself, but therapists haven’t specialized in the subject until recently.

01/05/2015 By Aaron Scott

How to Cash In On Legal Pot in Portland

We get the inside scoop on making money in the new marijuana market from one of Washington's pot branding pros.

01/05/2015 By Catalina Gaitán

One Portland Design Firm Weaves Success From Chaos—Here's How

Industry’s Oved Valadez on how his design firm's hyper-collaborative anti-hierarchy works

01/05/2015 By Marty Patail

Who Let the Doge Out?

Mining for millions (or ... not) with the world’s most adorable cryptocurrency

01/05/2015 By Marty Patail

3 Incubators for Portland's Next Smashing Start-Up

Got a great business idea? These entrepreneurial pros can help.

12/23/2014 By Tuck Woodstock