Introducing Portland Monthly's New Podcast: Footnotes

Every Friday we break down our stories with writers, contributors, and editors who crafted them ... in 10 minutes or less.

By Gabriel Granillo

Gabriel Granillo is Portland Monthly's digital editor and the host of Footnotes

“I’m starting a podcast” is not an uncommon thing to hear someone say these days. It’s akin to your coworker trying out a homebrew in their garage or your neighbor starting an herb garden: it’s just something people do. There are enough podcasts in the world that it would take multiple (multiple) lifetimes to listen to all of them. We at Portland Monthly took that and said, “Let’s add one more.” Cue: Footnotes, a brand-new podcast by Portland Monthly.

Footnotes cover art

Every Friday we break down some of our stories published online and in print with the writers, contributors, and editors who crafted them. Hosted by Portland Monthly’s digital editor Gabriel Granillo (hey, that’s me), Footnotes provides clarity on complex stories with intimate and informative interviews.

In our first episode, we talked with news editor Julia Silverman about the dimming hopes for an in-person fall semester and a new “pod” system for parents and students.

In our second episode, we talked with Tuck Woodstock about the ongoing protests in Portland and the federal presence that shifted their narrative. Woodstock is an independent journalist who has been covering the protests almost every day since they began in May and the host of Gender Reveal


Join us next week for another episode, won’t you?

Listen to Footnotes on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and Buzzsprout.

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