Look up and See the Lights!

TBA: more cool things to see while waiting in line.

09/04/2009 By Alexis Rehrmann


Rubberband Installation at The Works

TBA: cool things to see while waiting in line.

09/04/2009 By Alexis Rehrmann


Coming Soon…

Portland Monthly Magazine gets its thumbs green.

08/28/2009 By Alexis Rehrmann

Portland's Best Water

Oregon's 6 Essential Rivers

Six rivers. Twenty-seven adventures. Endless options for a wild and scenic summer.

06/22/2009 With Randy Gragg, Ariel Bleicher, and Frederick Reimers By Alexis Rehrmann

Portland's Best Water

Rogue River Feud

Zane Grey, famed author of such western novels as _Riders of the Purple Sage_, was one of the architects of the hardscrabble mythos of the American West. After a memorable fishing expedition on the lower Rogue River in 1925, Grey memorialized the Oregon w

06/16/2009 By Alexis Rehrmann


Red Dress Required

05/19/2009 By Alexis Rehrmann


Honest Like Abe

On an up-and-coming North Portland strip, Lincoln soothes with humble dishes, simple flavors, and steady service.

05/19/2009 By Nino Padova


Snurf’s Up

A sports revivalist brings snowtrashing to Mount Hood.

05/19/2009 By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore


Hot Spot

We know: It’s (finally) summer, and sweating your look is the last thing you want to do.

05/19/2009 Edited by Jill Spitznass


Genoa Is Closing

We thought the elegant Belmont dining room would be with us forever. But suddenly, there are only two weeks left to savor the opulent seven-course menu and old-school ambience. Saving your visit to Genoa for a special occasion? Go--it's right now!



Malasadas at Oba

If you are a person who tends to forgo dessert, we should warn you: when you visit the Pearl District’s Oba, you may be tempted to change your mind. Oba's fresh take on luxurious banana-and-cream-cheese malasadas (Portuguese doughnuts) is well worth loose

05/19/2009 By Martha Calhoon

Green City

Not in My Backyard

Invasive plants are out, native plants are in, and Portland gardeners are embracing their wild side.

05/19/2009 By Stacey Wilson

Beyond the Bridges

Alpine Penthouse

There's no better way to rough it than camping out in a Mount Hood fire tower in the dead of winter.

05/19/2009 With Brian Barker


Out of the Closet

Abby's Closet collects donated prom gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and other fancy frocks to be given away free to young women who may have difficulty affording their own. Over the weekend of April 4-5, about 1,600 high school girls found their prom gowns a

05/19/2009 By Alexis Rehrmann

Guest Speaker

The Green Party’s Over

Vive la Revolution

03/09/2009 By Alexis Rehrmann


La-Dee-Dah and Delicious

New Saucebox chef wows media freeloaders

02/11/2009 By Alexis Rehrmann