upcoming events

A Trio of Garden-Related Events

- enough to keep you in horticultural heaven all weekend

04/29/2010 By Kate Bryant

Random Notes

Short Subjects

Barbecue, beer, and $5 well spent

04/27/2010 By John Chandler

Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week

Bountiful beer at Widmer Gasthaus

04/23/2010 By Emma Hall

Culture Calendar

Date Night

Attend a stimulating lecture with that special someone?

04/13/2010 By Graham Bell

Happy Hour

Red Star Tavern

Red Star means "abundance"

04/09/2010 By John Chandler

gardening and health

Sneeze Trees

why the sex of your tree could matter

04/09/2010 By Kate Bryant


Barista Opens Second Location

Reigning NW barista champ Billy Wilson debuts location number two on NE Alberta St.

04/05/2010 By Eat Beat Team

Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week

A fish feeding frenzy at Rose & Thistle

04/02/2010 By Joseph Manuel

Celebrity Sighting

Elvis is Everywhere

Could it be? You decide!

03/29/2010 By John Chandler


Chicken Shirts

- going viral?

03/14/2010 By Kate Bryant

In Season

Nice Pear!

Fruit salute at Lauro luncheon

03/09/2010 By Stacy Austin

phile under: art talk

Terry Winters Lecture at Reed

02/24/2010 By Lisa Radon


Well Hello, Sweet Pea!

it’s pea-planting time in Western Oregon

02/20/2010 By Kate Bryant

Beer Bulletin

I’d Tap That

Zwickelmania is for brew believers

02/10/2010 By John Chandler


The Chicks Are Coming!

local resources for urban chicken farmers

02/03/2010 By Kate Bryant

phile under: theater

Willow Jade: Extended!

Bloody spectacle, good acting, and Orcs through Feb. 14.

02/02/2010 By Alexis Rehrmann

phile under: art

Review: Dregs and Imaginative Qualities

two exhibitions at Marylhurst Art Gym

01/26/2010 By Lisa Radon

phile under: performance


01/21/2010 By Lisa Radon