Garden Visits

Canberra Botanic Garden

a walking tour


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Review: Bandage A Knife

11/14/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Portland Art Museum iPhone App Released Today

free app by Spotlight Mobile

11/11/2009 By Lisa Radon

Garden Visits

Bromeliads of Foster Botanic Garden, Honolulu

decorative pineapples!


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Review: Jelly Gen

Show of contemporary art by young Chinese artists

11/10/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Good Company

PNCA’s untitled, online arts journal

11/05/2009 By Lisa Radon

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First Thursday November

11/04/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Half/Dozen +Projects Launches

11/03/2009 By Lisa Radon

Plants to love

Hardy plants for the tropicalesque garden

aka, tropical masqueraders


Plants to love

More Chinese paperbush

a classic "tropic-ennial"


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Kenneth Goldsmith at PMMNLS

the man you have to thank for ubuweb !

10/26/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Stop and Give Me 30: Ward Shelley

Culturephile interviews NY artist Ward Shelley

10/18/2009 By Lisa Radon

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The Kids are Alright: Content

Fashion, art, music. One Night. Ace Hotel.

10/18/2009 By Lisa Radon


Portlander Crowned World Porridge Champ

Matt Cox wins over the elusive Scottish palate, but will he win over me?

10/15/2009 By Eat Beat Team

Literary Life

What I Saw at Wordstock

Ellroy loses his cool, but what else is new?

10/10/2009 By Helyn Trickey

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Four Great Things: China Design Now

fantastic design exhibition opens tomorrow

10/09/2009 By Lisa Radon

Literary Life

Word to the Book Nerd

Six Wordstock writers to watch

10/07/2009 By Helyn Trickey

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Root Root Root for the Home Team

and make a donation while you’re at it

10/07/2009 By Lisa Radon

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Review: Her’s A Queen and DEEP Aerobics

Neal Medlyn strips pop stardom naked

09/10/2009 By Robert Runyon

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Review: Robert Boyd’s Conspiracy Theory

09/08/2009 By Lisa Radon