Senior Editor

Benjamin Tepler edits Portland Monthly’s Eat & Drink section, manages the Eat Beat blog, and writes across various departments, with a special love for weird science and the great outdoors. 

The New York native and Oberlin College graduate joined Portland Monthly in 2010, equipped with a culinary degree and a failed career in marine biology. To counter-balance his high-caloric diet, Benjamin spends his free time running, hiking, and climbing up Oregon’s various peaks. 


Works of Heart

In the Portland Art Museum's expanding installation, Object Stories, people from all walks of life share their cherished objects and what they mean. The museum will host a reception o march 12 featuring Storm Large and Mayor Sam Adams.

02/14/2011 By Randy Gragg


Pendleton: The Portland Collection – Q&A

The first interview Pendleton and its Portland Collection designers have given!

02/10/2011 By Eden Dawn

Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week: 23Hoyt

New-ish chef Amber Webster is contributing winners to the truly cheap happy hour at Northwest Portland’s trendy dinner den.

02/09/2011 By Anna Sachse

Cheap Eats

Free Coffee!

Caffe Vita serves up Friday freebies, eight ounces at a time.

02/08/2011 By Benjamin Tepler


The Bubble has Burst

Local shop Bubble Boutique will shutter its doors this week.

02/07/2011 By Eden Dawn

plants & politics

Eat Your Vegetables!

and why not grow ’em, too?

02/03/2011 By Kate Bryant


Portland's Ecotraditions

Portlander's deep connection to their surroundings has been around since... well, forever.

02/02/2011 By Randy Gragg and Melissa Dalton

Theater Review

The Missing Pieces

Portland Playhouse’s Fertile Ground offering runs only through this weekend.

01/27/2011 By Alexis Rehrmann


Urban Weeds

I got Weeded.

01/20/2011 By Eden Dawn


Portlandia Red Carpet and After Party Pics

An interview with Carrie Brownstein getting to the important things in life: skorts.

01/16/2011 By Eden Dawn

I'm Special


This skin care product is bringing me out from my winter hiding.

01/12/2011 By Eden Dawn

Cheap Eats

Good Cheer at The Press Club

Wine and words, music and a meal, or coffee and a little quiet time in Southeast.

01/10/2011 By Anna Sachse

places to go

Find Calm at the Portland Japanese Garden

the perfect holiday respite

12/22/2010 By Kate Bryant

Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week

Star Bar nails the details

12/14/2010 By John Chandler

Get Pretty

Betsy & Iya Bash

The opening night party of a talented lobe decorator.

11/19/2010 By Eden Dawn

notes to self

See? It works!

Cellar your green tomatoes next October for ripe beauties into November

11/16/2010 By Kate Bryant

I'm Special


Controversy or Convenience?

11/11/2010 By Eden Dawn

Festival Notes

Distill My Heart

A crowd gathers at the Distillers Festival

10/28/2010 By John Chandler

Rest in Peace

So Long, Joe

Eugene drummer and swell guy passes

10/18/2010 By John Chandler

Food News

Country French cuisine in Southeast

Chef Aaron Barnett is opening his first restaurant, in partnership with ChefStable.

10/15/2010 By Anna Sachse