VP, Creative

Kate steers the design ship SagaCity's Custom Publishing division, which includes clients like Travel Portland, Visit Seattle, and Visit Santa Monica, among many, many others. Previously, Kate was the Art Director of other SagaCity titles, including Portland Monthly and Aspen Sojourner. She’s designed national, regional, and local publications for over a decade.

Kate moved to Portland from Green Bay, WI before it was cool to move to Portland, so she’s almost a native. She has most of an International Affairs degree from Lewis & Clark College, which she abandoned to go to art school (much to her parents’ chagrin). When she’s not designing magazines, Kate enjoys working on her house, taking Instagram photos of her teenage son sleeping in the car to embarrass him, mixing up craft cocktails, and throwing things for Monkey Shorty the Wonderdog, who sometimes even manages to bring them back.