Best of the City

Best of the City 2012: Services

Even the most devoted disciple of DIY culture needs a helping hand occasionally. And we've got a list of the handiest help in town.


Gift Guide

Gift Guide 2011: Put a Bow on It

Twenty local gift ideas for every size budget.

11/23/2011 By Kali Sanders


Portland's Ecotraditions

Portlander's deep connection to their surroundings has been around since... well, forever.

02/02/2011 By Randy Gragg and Melissa Dalton

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Into the Woods

Most of the roses sold in Portland have been shipped straight from Ecuador, a process that dumps tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Other downsides to the commercialized flower industry are the constant, required flower refrigeration (what a wast

05/27/2010 By Xylia Buros

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Slice of Life

The knife is the often-looked but truly most-important tool in a chef's (or home cook's) arsenal. Learn how to differentiate between different types, and what these types are good for.

05/27/2010 By Jon Hart

Portland Spaces: Handbook

O, Tannenbaum

How to select your tree and celebrate Christmas in the most sustainable way possible. (Hint: avoid large farms and chain stores.)

05/27/2010 By Kate Bryant

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Fresh Starts

The first step to planting your new garden is keeping in mind how many plants you can realistically manage. The second step is knowing what you want. Start planning your planting in the winter and get ready for your vegetable harvest with our guide to sow

05/27/2010 By Kate Bryant

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Down Home Dirty Work

The Portland mindset, inclined toward sustainable living and social rebelliousness, has seen a recent upsurge in homes with earth floors. Learn how to fashion your own with this helpful guide.

05/27/2010 By Jackie D'Antonio

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Belles of the Backyard

Raising your own chickens is an easy way to avoid heading to the store every time you need a new carton of eggs. But not only is having your own coop more convenient (and cheaper), you are also avoiding the potential moral and health repercussions of fact

05/27/2010 By Jon Hart

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Green: It’s the New Black

Death may be a long ways off for some, but others argue it's never to early to start planning your death. Here's something you may not have thought about: nontraditional, sustainable burials. Interested? Find out more here!

05/27/2010 By Zach Dundas

Portland Spaces: Handbook

House of Harmony

Feng shui, an ancient Chinese divining system, once was used to protect people from harsh winds, rain, and falling rocks in the mountainous Southwestern region of China. Today, feng shui is a modern, Westernized set of principles used to guide architectur

05/27/2010 By Xylia Buros

Portland Spaces: Handbook

Tooling Around

Owning your own tools and knowing how to use them allows you to live more independently. If you're currently tool-less, but interested in becoming a tool connoisseur (if only so that you don't have to wait for your handyman to be free, and then also have

05/27/2010 By Ryan Baldoz

Get Out!

Gear Guide

All the top notch swag needed for a commando camping adventure.

05/17/2010 With Brian Barker

5 Minutes With...

Professor Pain

Torture expert Darius Rejali talks about what sleeping bags have to do with national security.

05/19/2009 By Camela Raymond


Mr. Feel Good

Busting manly myth No. 17: Spas are just for chicks.

05/19/2009 By Bart Blasengame