Piece of the Rock

6 Questions for Wire

Q&A with pop provocateurs Colin Newman and Graham Lewis

04/11/2011 By John Chandler

from the p.m. pages

Q&A: Lewis Black

"Laughter is one of the few things that allow us to hang on to sanity."

04/07/2011 By Anne Adams

things to do

Three Great Gardeny Events

04/01/2011 By Kate Bryant

Made in PDX

Modernist Cabinet

Mix mid-century cool with the mellow mood of a turntable, and you’ve got the smooth look of the Console Cabinet by local company Von Tundra.

03/31/2011 By Amara Holstein

Restaurant Opening

Pocket-Sized Pok Pok

With Pok Pok Noi, Andy Ricker’s greatest Thai street food hits come to NE Prescott Street. Get in line.

03/30/2011 By Benjamin Tepler

Food Philanthropy

Bake Sale for Japan

Mark your calendars: Portland’s best bakers unite this Saturday for a monumental bake sale to benefit relief operations in Japan.

03/30/2011 By Rachel Ritchie

plant profile

Clivia miniata

sunshine on a cloudy day

03/30/2011 By Kate Bryant


Sarah Vowell at Bagdad

03/29/2011 By Anne Adams

plant sale

Hydrangea Heaven

a teaser – you’ll have to wait til the next open house for a chance to visit!

03/23/2011 By Kate Bryant


The Style Trial

Fashion bloggers read blogs too.

03/17/2011 By Eden Dawn

Eat This Now

Wake up Call: Brunch at Irving Street Kitchen

Just when you thought Portland couldn’t exceed the bacon-donut-biscuit speed limit, here comes Irving Street Kitchen flashing a green light to keep the South...

03/16/2011 By Karen Brooks

Breaking Food News

Little Big Burger Multiplies

Micah Camden to open a second Little Big Burger on N Mississippi Avenue.

03/14/2011 By Karen Brooks

Compassion is Fashion

MIKE Fashion Show

Watch a runway show while giving your kidneys a little hug.

03/10/2011 By Eden Dawn


Breaking News: Galliano Suspended from Dior

My favorite designer in the world may have done a bad, bad thing.

02/25/2011 By Eden Dawn

things to do this weekend

Yard Garden & Patio Show 2011 Preview

02/18/2011 By Kate Bryant

Runway Happiness

Open Season

Designer call for the Merc’s annual show.

02/17/2011 By Eden Dawn

Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week

Green Dragon has it all—but could be better

02/16/2011 By John Chandler


5 questions for: master pasta maker, ADAM BERGER

The proprietor of Northeast’s Tabla Bistro talks positivity, pasta, and tasty places other peeps are eating.

02/16/2011 By Anna Sachse


JazzFest Gal Wins Grammy

Next week brings plenty of chances to see Esperanza Spalding, Portland’s own Best New Artist who beat out Bieber.

02/14/2011 By Anne Adams

Be there or be square

What Not to Wear at Shop Adorn

Need a stylist to give you a thumbs up or thumbs down on your favorite outfit? Read on.

02/11/2011 By Eden Dawn