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Best CBD Gummies of 2023: Elevate Your Mind and Body Wellness

Using the best CBD gummies is a great way to get your CBD.

Presented by Originated Media February 23, 2023

Whether you are an avid CBD (cannabidiol) user or just getting started, using the best CBD gummies is a great way to get your CBD without having to worry about measuring dosages or the earthy taste of CBD oil tinctures. Instead, each chewy cannabidiol-infused bite offers the same benefits as traditional CBD products, but with longer-lasting effects and more convenient dosing.

But with this year seeing hundreds of new CBD products hitting the market, it can be tricky to find the CBD gummies that are right for you. Choose wrong, and you may be stuck with CBD gummies that don't deliver the effects you want.

To help, we've created this handy buyer's guide to help you find the best CBD gummies. We've researched brands and products to find gummies that offer the highest-quality CBD to meet any and all of your wellness needs. We'll also let you in on the best practices for using CBD-infused gummies, including dosing methods, shopping tips, and commonly reported effects.

5 Best CBD Gummies

  1. Koi CBD - Overall Best CBD Gummies
  2. CBDfx - Best CBD Gummies for Sleep Support
  3. CBDistillery - Best CBD Gummies for Pain
  4. Sunday Scaries - Best Gummies for Stress & Anxiety
  5. Soul CBD - Best for On-The-Go CBD Users

In-Depth Reviews of the Best CBD Gummies

1. Koi CBD - Overall Best CBD Gummies


  • Certified vegan & 100% allergen-free
  • Supports balance and overall wellness
  • Broad-spectrum CBD formula
  • Delicious flavor profile


  • None

Koi CBD Highlights

Koi CBD has long been a leader in the CBD industry thanks to its dedication to quality, transparency, and customer service. The brand's CBD products are all third-party lab tested for potency and purity and boast a range of CBD concentrations to meet the needs of any user.

When it comes to its CBD gummies, Koi CBD uses expert manufacturing and CBD extraction methods. All packaging is clearly labeled, and dosages are carefully measured for accuracy. Additionally, all CBD is derived from CBD-rich hemp that has been naturally grown in the United States, so you can trust that you're getting high-quality CBD.

About Koi CBD Gummies

The top-of-the-line Anytime Balance gummies from Koi CBD are available in a delicious, all-natural Berry Lemonade flavor. At 10 mg of CBD per gummy, these gummies are a great way to get your CBD without sacrificing taste.

The broad-spectrum formula contains mostly CBD, along with minor cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. These cannabinoids work together with terpenes and flavonoids to promote a sense of balanced health and overall wellness inside and out.

As a balanced CBD formula, Koi CBD's gummies are perfect for any time use. Whether it's during the day to help stay focused and productive or at night to help wind down, CBD gummies from Koi CBD get the job done.

The gummies themselves are a delicious and health-conscious supplement containing no artificial ingredients, allergens, animal parts, or fillers. Packages range from 6 to 60, with all products sealed in airtight pouches or large tubs.

Why We Like Koi CBD

First-time and experienced users will find that Koi CBD Anytime Balance gummies are the perfect CBD supplement. CBD concentration is neither too high nor too low, making these gummies ideal for everyday use. Additionally, the vegan-friendly, all-natural formula ensures that every user can enjoy the benefits of CBD without compromising their dietary lifestyle.

Learn more at Koi CBD

2. CBDfx - Best CBD Gummies for Sleep Support


  • Boosted with sleep terpenes
  • Potent CBD concentration
  • Non-detectable THC levels
  • All-natural, vegan formula


  • No subscription service

CBDfx Highlights

Medically reviewing its CBD products to ensure they meet the wellness needs of CBD users, CBDfx is a very well-respected brand that is popular with CBD enthusiasts of all levels. All CBD is sourced from CBD-rich hemp grown in the United States and extracted using CO2 extraction methods for maximum potency.

When making their premium CBD gummies, CBDfx ensures each delicious snack has the highest CBD concentration to support users' needs. And with detailed lab reports verifying the content of their gummies, you can trust that CBDfx has your health and wellness at the top of their mind.

About CBDfx Gummies

When sleep seems to evade you, CBDfx CBD Sleep gummies may offer the perfect solution. These gummies are formulated with CBD, natural sleep terpenes, and melatonin to help you drift off to la-la land.

Each broad-spectrum CBD-rich gummy contains 50 mg of CBD, making it an effective concentration for stimulating the endocannabinoid system and supporting sleep. In addition, the added 5 mg of melatonin ensures that these CBDfx gummies act faster and more effectively than CBD alone.

In line with their commitment to quality and wellness, the gummies also contain a range of vitamins, minerals, and herbs known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. This ensures that the pain, anxiety, and stress that often interrupt our sleep cycles are better managed for more restful and restorative sleep.

These entirely vegan CBD gummies are available in 60-count bottles. There is no limit to the number of bottles one can buy, and special savings are available on orders over $75 or with onsite coupon codes.

Why We Like CBDfx

Few other brands can match the quality sleep support provided by these CBDfx gummies. The potent chewy bites are easy to take and offer a convenient way to get CBD into your body. Additionally, the added terpenes and melatonin are a winning combination for getting the restful sleep you need no matter what is causing you a sleepless night.

Learn more at CBDfx

3. CBDistillery - Best CBD Gummies for Pain


  • Full-spectrum CBD gummies
  • Organic, natural flavors
  • Soft, chewy texture
  • Rich terpene complex


  • High price point for free shipping

CBDistillery Highlights

CBDistillery is a worldwide hemp cannabis brand with products specifically designed to improve users' well-being. The secret to their premium CBD products lies in CBDistillery's CBD extraction process, which ensures that CBD is extracted from organic hemp plants using only CO2.

For the brand's CBD gummies, this means that each CBD gummy is infused with CBD oil that is potent, effective, and safe for users. Additionally, CBD oil from CBDistillery is tested and verified by an independent third-party lab for purity and concentration, guaranteeing users are taking nothing but the all-natural CBD formula the brand is known for.

About CBDistillery CBD Gummies

While CBD gummies from this industry-leading brand are reported to benefit users across the board, our team felt strongly that we needed to highlight their strawberry-flavored Full-Spectrum Gummies because they offer such an effective CBD concentration for dealing with acute or chronic pain. Each CBD gummy is packed with a powerful CBD blend (30mg per gummy) consisting of CBD, THC (less than .3%), and other cannabinoids, as well as a rich terpene complex.

These CBD gummies for pain have a soft, chewy texture that is lightly coated with sugar which gives users a delicious and enjoyable CBD experience, free from artificial flavors. With the added terpenes and organic lemon oil, CBD-infused gummies from the brand contain a bold flavor that users are sure to love.

The vegan CBD gummies are available in 30-count tubs. Users can opt for single orders or save money by signing up for auto-deliveries every few weeks. A 60-day money-back guarantee covers all purchases, and free shipping options are available at a certain price point or with a subscription order.

Why We Like CBDistillery

The ability of these full-spectrum CBD gummies to promote general wellness and support pain management landed CBDistillery on our list. Combined with delicious all-natural flavors, organic ingredients, and a comprehensive CBD blend, these gummies offer a well-rounded pain management solution that will leave users feeling their best.

Learn more at CBDistillery

4. Sunday Scaries - Best for Stress & Anxiety


  • Relaxed and chilled effects
  • Broad-spectrum CBD formula
  • Enhanced with B & D vitamins
  • Fast absorption rate


  • Contains natural and artificial flavors

Sunday Scaries Highlights

A hemp wellness brand dedicated to stopping stress and anxiety no matter when it hits, Sunday Scaries is all about helping CBD users find their chill. The brand uses clinically researched ingredients that help supplement vital nutrients often depleted after a hard day at work, a fun night out, or any other situation that can make CBD users feel overwhelmed and anxious.

The CBD gummies from Sunday Scaries are designed to help boost mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep quality. Sunday Scaries takes careful steps to ensure buyers get the purest CBD extract without any trace of THC or other impurities.

About Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies For Chillin’ are made with broad-spectrum CBD oil and enhanced with B vitamins, vitamin D3, and coconut oil. The ingredients are all vegan-friendly, and users will love the natural, fruity flavor of these CBD gummies.

The CBD gummies come in a bottle of 20, with each CBD gummy containing 10 mg of CBD, 6 mcg of vitamin B12, and 10 mcg of D3. This combination helps you relax while supporting and supplementing daily vitamin needs.

Bottles are available as one-time or subscription purchases. Subscription orders are divided into the type or frequency of stress felt, with options for situational, workday, and everyday stress sufferers. Free shipping options are available during the order process, and shipping times are relatively swift.

Why We Like Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries CBD gummies give buyers the ability to take their wellness into their own hands and tackle stress, anxiety, or poor mood with a tasty CBD treat. The gummies work fast, providing relief from troubling states quickly. Plus, the added vitamins help users get the most out of their CBD experience.

Learn more at Sunday Scaries

5. Soul CBD - Best for On-The-Go CBD Users


  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Organically farmed hemp source
  • Entirely vegan & gluten-free
  • All-natural fruit flavors


  • Higher price point than others on this list

Soul CBD Highlights

Soul CBD has used its innovative approach to help over seven million people discover better health and wellness with CBD. Operating with core principles of transparency, quality, and effectiveness, Soul CBD has met its own CBD standard, offering a wide range of high-quality CBD products to choose from.

The brand's gummies are no exception, offering buyers a tasty and easily portable way to bring CBD with them wherever they go. CBD users will love the natural fruit flavors, organic ingredients, and vegan-friendly CBD blend that Soul CBD has put together in its CBD gummies.

About Soul CBD Gummies

Soul CBD's CBD Gummies are made from a CBD isolate formula containing no THC or other minor cannabinoids. This unique formula allows the gummies to be the perfect solution for busy individuals looking to enhance their wellness with only the effects of pure CBD.

The gummies contain 10 or 25 mg of CBD (depending on your order preference) and are available in a range of natural fruit flavors, including pineapple, sugar plum, and more. All ingredients are all-natural, including the CBD isolate oil which comes from organically grown hemp plants.

Tubs of 30 gummies are available for purchase as needed or through a subscription service. Both order options have free shipping available, though you may need to hit a certain price point when ordering as needed to get free shipping.

Why We Like Soul CBD Gummies

Not all CBD users want other cannabinoids in their gummies, and Soul CBD offers the perfect CBD isolate solution. With no THC or other cannabinoids and a host of organic, all-natural ingredients, these gummies ensure CBD users can get their CBD without worrying about other cannabinoid effects that could interfere with their day-to-day lives.

Learn more at Soul CBD

How Did We Make Our List of the Best CBD Gummies?

To ensure people can buy CBD gummies proven effective, safe, and reliable, we performed an in-depth analysis of what makes a good CBD gummy. Our research showed that for a product to be high-quality, it needs to be:

  • Made from organic hemp sources
  • Third-party lab tested for purity, potency, and safety
  • Contain organic and natural ingredients
  • Free from fillers, synthetics, or harmful ingredients

Once we understood the base requirements for our best CBD gummies, we looked at consumer reviews and ratings to assess CBD gummy brands and products from around the world. The gummies that made it onto our list were those with a history of positive customer feedback, quality ingredients, and effective CBD concentrations.

After comparing a shortlist of high-quality gummies with our own experiences using the products, we were able to put together our list of the best CBD gummies that we feel confident in recommending to new and experienced CBD users.

What are CBD Gummies Used For?

CBD gummies are used for the same purposes that traditional CBD supplements are used for - to balance CBD levels in the body and promote overall wellness. With CBD shown to interact with and stimulate CBD receptors in the body, these supplements can help to provide relief from physical discomfort and anxiety, promote sleep, support a healthy appetite, and more.

Additionally, due to CBD's well-documented effects in balancing neural activity, some hemp-derived cannabidiol products are approved for use by the FDA as an effective anti-seizure medication. With more clinical trials ongoing into the potential of CBD, it could soon be used in even more innovative and unique ways that benefit common acute and chronic conditions.

Why do people choose CBD gummies over other types of CBD products?

The truth is that CBD gummies have their own unique benefits compared to other traditional hemp-derived cannabinoid products. Most notably, CBD gummies lack the signature earthy taste common to tinctures and vape products. Instead, gummy products provide CBD users with a tasty way to get their fix in flavors that include orange, pineapple, cherry, strawberry, and even sugar plum.

Another reason that people choose CBD gummies over other types of products is their convenience. While tinctures and CBD vapes are great, the dosing method can be messy, time-consuming, or even offensive to those around you. Gummies, on the other hand, are totally discreet and can be eaten quickly as part of a snack or meal. 

Lastly, most people choose CBD gummies for their long-lasting effects compared to other types of CBD products. The longer-lasting effects exceed traditional tinctures and vapes by several hours, thanks to the unique CBD absorption effects found in gummies and edibles.

What do all these benefits add up to?

With a faster dosing method that doesn't leave CBD users looking for a snack or drink to mask CBD's signature earthy taste, gummies provide an easy way to get CBD into the body without sacrificing convenience. 

Plus, with CBD gummies available in different flavors and concentrations, Buyers can get the exact CBD dose they need without spending too much time fussing over dosage measurements or trying to mask the taste.

How To Choose the Best CBD Gummies

Choosing the right CBD gummies requires more than knowing a few of the best brands to buy from. To actually get a product that works for you and your wellness needs, consider the following factors.

Manufacturing process

Any gummies you want to buy should be made with industry-leading extraction and manufacturing processes. For extraction, this means finding CBD gummy products made using solvent-free or non-toxic methods such as CO2, olive oil, or ethanol extraction.

CBD gummies should be manufactured using GMP-certified practices in ISO or FDA-registered facilities. These facilities and procedures ensure that no cross-contamination or other issues occur during production.


When purchasing CBD gummies, always look at the ingredients list before you buy. For one thing, the list will show if there are any synthetic ingredients that could be harmful. CBD gummies should only contain CBD and other cannabinoids, natural flavors and oils, and other beneficial ingredients such as vitamins or melatonin.

It is also important to look at the ingredients because of their potential allergens. For example, while CBD supplements are generally considered safe, common ingredients to enhance bioavailability (coconut oil), taste (sugars or other sweeteners), and texture (soy lecithin) can trigger allergic reactions.

Source of CBD

Although fully organic CBD gummies (all ingredients certified organic) can be difficult to find, it is not hard to find CBD gummies made using CBD sourced from organically grown hemp. Organic hemp contains no pesticides or other toxic chemicals, and buyers can rest assured they are getting the CBD they need without the potentially harmful toxins and chemicals which hemp plants are known for absorbing.

Additionally, organic hemp has been shown to have better quality and concentrations of vital phytonutrients critical to CBD's benefits. Things like terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids are found in CBD extracted from organic hemp, providing users with a more comprehensive CBD experience.

Third-party testing

Before buying CBD gummies from any brand, it is essential to look for a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Sometimes called a lab report, these documents allow CBD users to see the exact CBD content of CBD products and verify that the CBD has been tested for potency, purity, and quality.

All brands should make their COAs readily available on their websites or upon request. If a brand does not have any lab reports or cannot provide them when asked, it is best to shop for CBD gummies elsewhere.

Wellness issues

While CBD is great for general wellness and restorative balance, it is important to look for formulas that contain the cannabinoids you need and none that you don't. 

For example, those wanting to manage sleep issues with CBD gummies should consider broad or full-spectrum CBD gummies with larger concentrations of CBN and CBC. These two cannabinoids are excellent for sleep and can assist with getting a better night's rest.

Those seeking daytime CBD support may want to consider pure CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD gummies free from sedating cannabinoids like THC yet packed with energizing phytocompounds such as CBG, CBDa, and CBDv. These cannabinoids have been shown to support CBD users looking for an energy boost.

And those looking for intense CBD support may want to choose gummies made from nothing but CBD isolate. These gummies provide a supercharged concentration of cannabidiol without being too intoxicating. CBD isolate is perfect for users looking to get the most CBD into their systems without triggering side effects related to other cannabinoids.

Brand reputation

While it may seem trivial, choosing the right CBD gummies based on the brand's reputation is a great way to make sure your money is well spent. Look for brands with regularly updated product catalogs, positive customer reviews and feedback, and a dedication to keeping their products updated with the latest third-party lab reports.

Additionally, look for a brand that is transparent about its processes. For example, does the brand have blogs or videos discussing how it sources its hemp? Do the employees seem passionate about CBD? Is the company open about where it gets its ingredients? The answers to these questions can help you make sure that the gummies you choose are made with the utmost care.

How Many Gummies Should I Eat?

Dosing CBD gummies can be tricky, and knowing how many to eat will depend on numerous factors specific to your health, wellness needs, and current CBD regimen.

Generally, it is recommended to start with a single or half of a gummy if you've never taken CBD before. These lower doses will give you a sense of CBD's effects and help identify whether more or less is needed to achieve your intended results.

For more experienced CBD users, CBD-infused gummies can be consumed throughout the day (1-3 per daily dose) or as needed to support the desired effects or to counterbalance any underlying issues you may be experiencing.

Reputable brands will list their recommended serving size based on CBD content per gummy and CBD potency. Use this as a starting point when trying CBD for the first time or making changes to current CBD regimens.

Ultimately, CBD dosing is highly individualized, and users should pay attention to how different doses affect them before increasing or decreasing their intake. Keeping a journal noting effects can help identify the ideal dosage.

What will happen if you eat too many CBD gummies?

Finding the right amount of gummies to eat will be a trial-and-error process that occasionally results in eating too many gummies in one sitting. Fortunately, this won't result in any overdose, though it may cause enhanced effects such as relaxation or drowsiness. 

Taking too many may also affect your digestive system, but this can be remedied by eating and drinking normally until the feelings wear off.

How Long Do CBD Gummies Take To Start Working?

It can take a lot longer for CBD gummies to start working compared to other forms of CBD. The reason is the digestive process that must be completed in order to saturate the body with beneficial CBD compounds.

As digestion takes place, CBD is slowly released into the bloodstream, and it can take up to two hours before its effects are felt. Users should be aware of this prolonged onset and plan their CBD gummy doses accordingly.

Those who want to induce effects quickly can opt to eat gummies on an empty stomach if their body isn't too sensitive to CBD's effects. Doing so allows the effects to be felt faster as CBD is released into the bloodstream more quickly than when consumed with food.

It is important to note that even though two hours have passed, you may not feel any specific effects of CBD. This is because the phytocannabinoid is non-intoxicating, and CBD users may not feel any obvious outwardly distinguishing effects. Again, this is why a journal of effects can be beneficial for new users, as CBD's benefits can be subtle yet powerful.

Potential Side Effects of CBD

CBD isn't known to have any harmful or adverse side effects from occasional or chronic use. Cannabidiol naturally interacts with our system, offering a range of therapeutic effects while avoiding any psychoactive or intoxicating reactions.

That said, CBD may still cause unwanted or unexpected side effects as a result of stimulating endocannabinoid receptors. The most notable of these side effects is dry mouth. Common to any form of cannabis use, dry mouth is a direct result of salivary glands functioning at a slower-than-normal rate. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids to counterbalance the effects of dry mouth.

Furthermore, new users may experience a few side effects as their body adjusts to CBD's effects such as feeling sleepy or lightheaded, though these feelings should dissipate as the body's CBD levels become more consistent over time.

Some studies are showing that CBD products may interact with blood thinners or medication designed to control blood pressure. For this reason, it is essential to consult with a doctor before starting CBD and speak to them about any changes in CBD regimen.

While these side effects may seem intense, the truth is that millions of people around the globe incorporate CBD into their daily wellness routine without any adverse reactions. CBD is generally regarded as a safe and reliable herb for therapeutic use, and as long as you take CBD responsibly, you can enjoy CBD's many benefits without any unwanted side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I buy pure CBD or broad-spectrum CBD gummies?

It depends on your end goal. CBD isolate gummies are the purest form of CBD, containing only CBD and no other compounds found in hemp, while broad-spectrum CBD gummies contain CBD as well as a range of terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial phytocannabinoids. Broad-spectrum gummies may be best if you are looking to stimulate the entourage effect for a more potent CBD experience.

2. How should CBD gummies be stored?

It is important to store CBD gummies away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. Keep your gummies in a cool, dark place, such as the refrigerator or a pantry, away from steamy bathrooms and other areas with high moisture content. CBD gummies should also be kept away from pets and children.

3. What is the recommended CBD gummy dose?

The amount of CBD you consume depends on many factors, including age, weight, general health, CBD tolerance, and CBD concentration in the product. Generally speaking, it is suggested to start with a low dose of <10 mg CBD per day and then increase the dosage as needed. Be sure to consult with a doctor before taking CBD gummies or other CBD products, especially if you are taking medication or have pre-existing health conditions.

4. What are the best gummies on the CBD market?

It ultimately depends on your CBD needs and goals. Some CBD gummies contain isolate extracts, while others contain full- or broad-spectrum CBD extract with a range of terpenes and other compounds. Additionally, different CBD companies make their gummies more appealing to different palates by adding natural flavorings or sweeteners such as organic fruit juices or natural honey.

5. Can I eat CBD gummies at night?

Yes. CBD gummies can be taken at any time of day, and many users take CBD gummies at night to help them relax after a long day and get some much-needed restful sleep. CBD does not necessarily make you sleepy, but it does have calming effects that may help you drift off into a deep slumber faster. Be sure to look for products that contain nighttime aides, such as melatonin, CBN, or lavender, to help promote a good night's sleep.

6. Should I eat when taking a CBD gummy?

Opinions are mixed among CBD users and professionals as to whether the gummies should be taken with food. Those who don't may risk an upset stomach that could interfere with the benefits of CBD. On the other hand, those who eat with a CBD gummy may not have digestive issues but could see a longer onset time as the gummy will take longer to absorb.

The Best CBD Gummies for Any Wellness Need

CBD can be taken in many forms, but CBD gummies are quickly becoming the preferred choice for many CBD users. Gummies offer a convenient and delicious way to get your daily dose of CBD, and they come in a variety of flavors and concentrations of CBD to suit any user’s needs.

With the benefit of a pre-measured and longer-lasting dose, CBD gummies can be an effective way to incorporate CBD into your daily wellness routine without any adverse reactions or needing to dose multiple times throughout the day. Whether you’re looking for pure CBD or a more potent full- or broad-spectrum experience, there is sure to be a product on the CBD market that suits your individual needs and preferences.

Be sure to check out the CBD brands above for a guaranteed positive CBD gummy experience. Chosen for their high-quality CBD gummies, excellent manufacturing practices, and top-of-the-line ingredients, these brands are sure to provide the best CBD gummies to help settle issues with sleep, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.