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Best Humidifier for Baby in 2023: Discover the Perfect Solution for a Healthy, Happy Nursery!

Dry air is a nightmare for developing babies, creating health issues ranging from allergies to asthma to skin irritation.

Presented by Originated Media March 23, 2023

Dry air is a nightmare for developing babies, creating health issues ranging from allergies to asthma to skin irritation. However, buying the best humidifier for baby can make a world of difference for the health and comfort of your little one.

The question is: What makes one humidifier better for babies than another, and does it really matter?

The short answer is yes. The best humidifiers for babies will include several features not usually included in regular humidifiers. These features ensure the device's effective, safe, and hygienic operation without putting your little one at risk.

Check out our buyer's guide to learn what's essential when selecting the best humidifier for your baby. With detailed reviews of top products, helpful usage tips, and answers to frequently asked baby humidifier questions, you'll have everything you need to keep your little one safe and comfy.

Best Humidifier for Baby: Top 5 Choices

1. Canopy – Overall Best Humidifier for Babies

2. Pure Enrichment - Best Customizable Mist Levels

3. Afloia - Best HEPA Filtration

4. Paris Rhone - Best Cool Mist Humidifier for Babies

5. Multitasky - Best for Daytime Use

In-Depth Reviews of the Best Baby Humidifiers

1. Canopy - Overall Best Humidifier for Babies


  • Promotes better sleep & breathing
  • Anti-mold design
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • No vapor or hot mist
  • Auto shut-off features


  • None

About Canopy

Canopy offers better health and wellness with its extensive product line of top-tier humidifier technologies. From ultra-quite models to anti-mold technology, Canopy has taken considerable time and resources to ensure its products are designed with safety and comfort in mind.

When it comes to their best humidifier for babies, the device is recommended by pediatricians for its ability to relieve and reduce the discomfort associated with dry air. With tons of add-ons to make their device more beneficial for a range of wellness needs, Canopy has developed a baby humidifier that is highly efficient and effective.

About Canopy’s Best Baby Humidifier

Canopy's Little Dreams Machine is best for babies needing extra air moisture. The device is designed to work with the ultra-quiet operation, thanks to whisper-soft technology that helps maintain peaceful sleep without interruption or disruption.

The best part? You don't have to worry about unpleasant vapor or hot mist that can compromise your baby's comfort and health. The device infuses air within a 500 sq. ft. space with the right amount of moisture to keep your little one breathing easier.

The paper filter ensures that no contaminants are released into the environment, while the sensors in this smart humidifier design prevent mold by ensuring that the device is fully dry at the end of a cycle. In other words, the sitting water or condensation that can easily happen with a warm or cool mist humidifier does not occur. Plus, all the parts are dishwasher-safe to ensure thorough cleaning and hygiene.

Weighing in at 3 lbs., this rechargeable baby humidifier ships with filters and aromatherapy oils to enhance the experience. Customers can subscribe to regular deliveries of new filters and product add-ons at significant savings, so they never have to worry about running out of supplies.

Why We Like the Little Dreams Humidifier By Canopy

We like the Little Dreams humidifier for its pediatrician-recommended design and superior performance. The whisper-quiet operation, anti-mold technology, and dishwasher-safe parts make this the perfect choice for busy parents wanting to ensure their baby is breathing easy without worrying about safety or maintenance.

Visit Canopy to learn more

2. Pure Enrichment - Best Customizable Mist Levels


  • Weighs less than two pounds
  • Customizable mist controls
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Sleep-supporting design features


  • Best for use in rooms smaller than 250 sq. ft.

About Pure Enrichment

Turning health and wellness into a modern, sleek lifestyle, Pure Enrichment is a leader in the home care industry. Their product line offers a range of innovative and convenient solutions using the power of air and moisture to create a balanced quality of life that supports pain, sleep, and other common wellness issues.

The cool mist humidifier from Pure Enhancement is designed to specifically nurture your child through their formative years. From infant to toddler and beyond, these devices bring restorative relief that ensures healthy development and optimal well-being.

About Pure Enrichment's Best Baby Humidifier

If you need a lightweight humidifier for your baby, look no further than the PureBaby® Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. Weighing in at 1.3 lbs., this multifunctional cool mist humidifier is a must-have for baby's room and play spaces measuring 250 sq. ft. or less.

The best part about this device is its customizable cool mist levels. With low and high output settings, parents can ensure their baby stays comfortable and sleeps through the night without worrying about over or under-humidifying the room with the 360-degree rotating cool mist nozzle.

The device is also quiet and energy efficient - offering up to 25 hours of run-time (low setting) on only 1.5 liters of water. Additionally, it has an auto shut-off feature for safety as well as a soft glow night light perfect for helping soothe little ones into a peaceful, breath-easy slumber.

The product ships with cleaning brushes and adapters to ensure long-lasting life. It also comes with the company's five-year warranty and free shipping.

Why We Like the PureBaby® Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Cool mist humidifiers like this offer excellent benefits for babies whose needs change depending on the weather, season, and environment. With control over output and direction, parents can ensure the right amount of moisture is dispersed through the room while their baby sleeps. Plus, its lightweight design makes it highly portable and easy to store away when not in use.

Visit Pure Enrichment to learn more

3. Afloia - Best HEPA Filtration


  • Purifies & humidifies
  • Multiple night light settings
  • Ultra-quiet function
  • Suitable for any room in the house


  • Larger size than other humidifiers on this list

About Afloia

Combining green living and better health, Afloia provides solutions to help you enhance the air quality in your home. Their selection of high-quality products is designed to reduce airborne irritants and pollutants while ensuring a naturally balanced environment with optimal humidity levels.

Their best baby humidifier is a comprehensive product that works to meet all of the needs of your family, including infants. Built with three layers of HEPA filtration and advanced sterilization technology, it promises to provide clean air without introducing additional viruses or bacteria into the surrounding environment.

About Afloia's Best Baby Humidifier

The top-of-the-line Miro Pro 2-in1 Smart Humidifier from Afloia offers the ultimate in-home air optimization. Not only is it a top pick for best humidifier for baby, it's suitable for any room in the house and can purify, dehumidify, or humidify your environment while eliminating foul odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The device is also extremely quiet thanks to its ultra-quiet technology that runs at only 30dB in low mode. This setting is also the perfect level to support babies and children having trouble sleeping due to allergies.

Because the humidifier has independent function technologies, parents can ensure HEPA-certified air quality in every corner of their home without having to run the humidifier and vice versa. This means you can care for your family's and baby's needs without sacrificing one for the other.

The 2-in-1 smart humidifier ships with the device, an additional filter, and an easy-to-read usage guide. Shipping is always free for purchases made on the secure website.

Why We Like Afloia's 2-in-1 Baby Humidifier

The ability for parents to provide both HEPA filtration and additional moisture to the air in any room of their house makes this device perfect for those looking to ensure a healthy environment throughout the home – not just in the baby’s nursery. The combination of features also helps parents introduce their baby to better sleep habits, ensuring everyone gets the rest they need to stay happy, healthy, and active.

Visit Afloia to learn more

4. Paris Rhone - Best Cool Mist Humidifier for Babies


  • Disperses gentle, cool mist
  • Made from BPA-free materials
  • Up to 30 hours of operation
  • Cute night light design for baby's room


  • No cleaning brush included

About Paris Rhone

For over 100 years, Paris Rhone has been designing home products that make life easier, safer, and more comfortable. The company's dedication to the highest quality materials and attention to detail has made them a favorite among parents looking for innovative solutions for their baby's safety, health, and well-being.

When it comes to baby products, Paris Rhone takes no shortcuts. Their humidifiers are designed to meet the needs of infants and young children, providing gentle and consistent moisture to help create a healthy sleeping environment.

About Paris Rhone's Baby Humidifier

The Cool Mist Baby Humidifier from Paris Rhone is perfect for soothing babies needing extra hydration or relief from dry air. 

Beyond its super cute whale shape, this 3-in-1 cool mist humidifier also includes several features that make it perfect for placement in baby's room. For starters, its built-in aroma diffuser helps to create a peaceful ambiance and is safe for use with many types of essential oils.

The humidifier also has a built-in dimmer night light, which can be turned on or off with the touch of your hand. For safety, the device automatically turns off when low water levels are detected, protecting your baby from potential mold growth from standing water or bacteria.

The whisper-quiet operation is the lowest compared to other brands on this list, coming in at 26 dB, so you never have to worry about it keeping your baby awake. 

Why We Love Paris Rhone's Baby Humidifier

Paris Rhone's whale-shaped cool mist humidifier is perfect for families looking to provide a safe, comfortable environment for baby's sleep. Its cute design and excellent features make it an ideal choice for any nursery or bedroom. Plus, its BPA-free materials and whisper-quiet operation make it a safe and soothing choice for babies of all ages.

Visit Paris Rhone to learn more

5. Multitasky - Best for Daytime Use


  • Compact design fits anywhere
  • Elegant look and feel
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Easy care & cleaning


  • Battery life doesn't last as long as other products on this list

About Multitasky

Creating elegant, modern products with cutting-edge technology that seamlessly fits into any lifestyle and setting, Multitasky is popular among modern parents looking for effective and aesthetically pleasing solutions to everyday home problems.

The company's baby humidifier is built with the same attention to detail and style, making it an ideal solution for parents looking for a daytime humidifier that fits into their home decor. 

About Multitasky's Best Baby Humidifier

The Elegant Humidifier Lamp from Multitasky ensures parents, babies, and anyone in the home needing a personal microclimate of humidity during the day can now enjoy it in the most beautiful way. Compact and efficient, this humidifier is designed to fit anywhere, including nightstands or countertops.

The baby humidifier emits a cool mist that won't harm nearby children, while the night light helps create a cozy atmosphere. The multiple filters inside the device help ensure the cool mist is clean and bacteria-free, while the super quiet operation helps keep noise levels at a minimum.

A smaller tank will mean less run time, so this device is better suited to daytime use when you'll be around to refill the water tank or give it an extra recharge. But, just because it's small, don't think it won't have an impact; this small but mighty cool mist humidifier will improve breathing issues and relieve dryness accompanying seasonal allergies, colds, and the like.

Orders include the humidifier, instruction manual, and cotton wicks. Additional wicks can be purchased during the order process, so you never run out of the amazing hydrating effects of this fantastic baby humidifier.

Why We Love Multitasky's Baby Humidifier

Multitasky's elegant design and easy-to-use features make it an excellent choice for busy parents looking for an efficient, effective way to improve the humidity level for their baby. 

Visit Multitasky to learn more

How We Made Our List of the Best Humidifiers for Babies

Knowing the potential dangers of warm mist humidifiers, we were careful to select only cool mist humidifiers or those that don't release vapor for our best humidifiers for babies. But beyond that, we also looked at key features such as noise level, design, size, and ease of cleaning.

We also considered customer reviews and ratings from shoppers who have purchased and used the products we've listed to ensure that our selections are objective and helpful. 

Ultimately, we chose all of the best humidifiers for babies on this list based on a combination of features, customer reviews, and value for money. We hope this list helps you make the right decision when choosing the best humidifier for your baby or any special little one in your life.

What Is a Humidifier?

In its most simple terms, a humidifier is a device that infuses the air with moisture. This helps to increase the humidity levels in a room, which can be helpful for those suffering from allergies and respiratory ailments, especially during  cold and flu season, as well as for keeping skin hydrated and reducing irritation.

Most humidifiers come in two types - cool mist or warm mist, although some just operate on evaporation. Cool mist humidifiers are great because they don't add extra heat to the air and are safer around children and pets. Warm mist humidifiers can be more powerful but add extra warmth to the room, which may not always be desirable in certain climates.

In addition to mist temperature functions, humidifiers come in multiple sizes and styles to enhance their purpose. For example, some humidifiers are very large, so they can hydrate rooms larger than a bedroom. Others are small and portable, so they can be moved from room to room as needed.

Additionally, features like night lights, air purifiers, and aromatherapy compatibility are becoming more common. These excellent additions can make the humidifier an even more practical and enjoyable accessory supporting a baby's healthy development.

Ultimately, a humidifier is an excellent way to control the climate of a room or home for better health and comfort. With the right humidifier, you can relax knowing your little one is breathing easier and sleeping better.

What To Look for in a Humidifier for a Baby?

The best baby humidifier won't just be one that meets all of the criteria mentioned in this buyer's guide. Parents must consider a wide range of factors to ensure that their purchase meets their needs and creates the best environment for their infant.

  • Adjustable moisture controls

Baby humidifiers work best when the moisture levels can be adjusted, allowing you to customize the climate in your infant's room. So, when the current season calls for less humidity, you can use a humidifier with adjustable moisture levels to reduce the amount of vapor in the air.

Humidity control also ensures you don't create an environment that is too wet - or not wet enough. Rooms too heavy in ambient moisture can cause mold growth and other airborne toxins, while rooms that aren't moist enough can cause dry skin and respiratory issues.

In addition to high/low-speed settings, look for a cool mist humidifier with a 360-degree nozzle to distribute the vaporized water around the room evenly. This ensures that the vapor saturates the air at an even rate, so every corner of the room receives the same amount of moisture.

  • Noise level

Many parents run humidifiers when their baby is sleeping, so choosing a model that doesn't make too much noise is important. It should be whisper-quiet, operating under 30 dB on its lowest setting, so your baby can still get the restorative sleep they need while benefiting from hydrated, clean air.

Pro Tip: For the best sense of how loud a device may be, be sure to read the customer reviews on a product page. These reviews provide great insight into how a humidifier will sound in practice versus what the manufacturer may claim.

  • Tank size

The tank size will determine how long you will be able to run the humidifier before it needs to be refilled. Small tank sizes will require more frequent refills and less continuous running, while larger tanks can provide uninterrupted moist air for up to 30+ hours with the best humidifiers.

While parents may think that a large tank humidifier is best to avoid frequent refills, it's important to also consider the size of your baby's room when making this decision. A large tank may be too cumbersome for a small area, and a small tank may not have the capability of effectively humidifying the entire space.

Pro Tip: The best humidifier for a baby's room larger than 250 sq. ft. has a tank that holds at least half a gallon.

  • Safety measures

Auto-shut off, warning lights, and other safety features are critical components to consider when purchasing a humidifier for a baby's room. Humidifiers that do not turn off automatically when the water runs out can cause damage to your home and create an unsafe environment in your infant's space. 

Devices that warn you when the tank gets low and shut off automatically when empty are always a safe bet.

You should also look for devices made with safe materials without lead, BPA, and other harmful toxins. This will ensure that these chemicals don't slough off into the air your little one breathes, keeping them safe from potential health hazards.

  • Helpful features

The best humidifiers are so much more than a way to keep the air in the room moist. Many advanced models are outfitted with a range of helpful features that make them even more valuable to parents and caregivers.

For instance, many models come equipped with a light that supports a baby's circadian rhythm, makes small children feel more secure, and helps during feeding time without disturbing the little sleeper.

If air quality is also exacerbating the harmful effects of dry air, consider humidifiers with HEPA filters that remove contaminants from the air. These models are ideal for babies, children, and adults that suffer from seasonal or chronic respiratory conditions.

What are the Benefits of Humidifiers for Babies?

It's no secret that babies are super sensitive to environmental changes we adults have no problems with. The best humidifiers can help alleviate the following issues:

  • Dry skin and chapped lips

Baby skin is especially prone to dryness that can cause itching, rashes, and general discomfort. Not all topical solutions should be used on babies, so a cool mist humidifier is the best way to alleviate these issues.

  • Stuffy nose or congestion

Babies are more prone to stuffiness and congestion due to their smaller airways and sensitive mucous membranes. Without the ability to sniff OTC nasal sprays, many parents turn to a cool mist humidifier as an alternative. The added moisture in the air breaks up congestion and makes it easier for babies to breathe freely again.

  • Insomnia & poor sleep quality

Dry air reduces the ability to absorb oxygen, creating the effects of dehydration that can interrupt sleep cycles. By using a cool mist humidifier, parents can ensure that their little one is getting the best sleep possible.

  • Immune support & general wellness

Having the appropriate levels of air moisture ensures that dust mites, bacteria, and mold don't proliferate and make your baby sick. This preventative measure helps keep your baby healthier in the long run.

Last but not least, the best humidifiers for babies offer peace of mind for parents. The fact that you can count on a device to provide an all-natural form of relief without using any medications is immensely comforting.

How Far Should a Humidifier Be From a Sleeping Baby?

Placement of a baby humidifier is key to more than keeping a room's humidity levels in check. If the humidifier is too close to your baby, the vaporized water will settle on their skin, potentially leading to rashes or other health issues. And if you put a warm mist humidifier too close, you could be looking at more severe problems such as scalding.

For best results, keep a cool mist humidifier at least 3 to 5 feet away from your baby's crib while they sleep. This will ensure that the air is evenly circulated throughout the room without causing any issues with temperature or moisture accumulation. It also helps reduce noise and light levels so your bundle of joy can get a good night's rest.

Additionally, parents using a device without a 360-degree nozzle should consider placing the humidifier at a 45-degree angle away from their baby's sleeping area. This will ensure the moisture doesn't settle on them while they sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Could I use a warm mist humidifier instead of a cool mist humidifier?

Yes you could, but a warm mist humidifier produces steam that can irritate your baby's skin and cause scalding if placed too close. Therefore, it's best to stick with a cool mist humidifier when you have a little one in the house. If you do turn on a warm mist humidifier while children are present, be sure to place it several feet away from their sleep or play area at a height they can't reach.

2. How often should I clean baby humidifiers?

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning your humidifier every one to three days or more often if you notice a build-up of mineral deposits in the tank. While this may seem frequent, it is important to keep your humidifier clean to prevent bacteria and mold growth in your baby's room. Cleaning also helps ensure that the device runs efficiently and lasts longer.

3. Can I run a baby humidifier all night long?

Yes, humidifiers can run for extended periods of time, but remember that the tank may not last the device's current power supply. If you are worried about the operation when the tank is low, consider getting a humidifier with an auto shut-off feature or a timer to turn off after a certain amount of time. This will ensure the room will not be over-humidified and the device won't run dry.

4. What type of humidifier is best for babies?

The best humidifiers for babies are cool mist devices, as they don't produce steam, making them safer to use around children. Also, look for a model with extra features like a night light, auto shut-off, and filter replacement indicators. This will help ensure you get the best performance out of your device and provide comfortable air quality for your baby.

5. When should I use a humidifier for babies?

Humidifiers can be beneficial in any season, but they are instrumental during the winter months when indoor air has low humidity. During the summer months, you may not need as much additional moisture in the air, but the devices can still be helpful when hay fever or other summertime allergies flare up.

Ensure Perfect Health with the Best Baby Humidifiers

Finding the best humidifier for your baby is key to keeping them comfortable and healthy year-round. With the right device and proper cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure that your little one breathes in cool, clean air all day long.

Remember that not all humidifiers are the same, and selecting high-quality devices with the features you need will be key to feeling happy, healthy, and active. Selecting one of the products in this buyer's guide ensures your baby has the safest and most effective support for their breathing and wellness needs.

Summary of the Best Baby Humidifiers

1. Canopy - Overall Best Humidifier for Babies

2. Pure Enrichment - Best Customizable Mist Levels

3. Afloia - Best HEPA Filtration

4. Paris Rhone - Best Cool Mist Humidifier for Babies

5. Multiatasky - Best for Daytime Use