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Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pens: 5 Best Products to Elevate Your Vaping Game In 2023

Are you ready to elevate your vaping game with some of the best delta-8 disposable vape pens on the market?

Presented by Originated Media April 4, 2023

Are you ready to elevate your vaping game with some of the best delta-8 disposable vape pens on the market? Look no further — we've compiled a list of the top 5 delta-8 vape pens to satisfy your cravings for relaxation and enjoyment.

Delta-8 is a lesser-known cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that’s gaining popularity for its unique effects and potential therapeutic benefits. It's like a chill version of THC that’s perfect for winding down after a long day or simply enjoying a relaxing evening at home.

And the best part? Disposable vape pens are super easy to use. Just remove the pen from its packaging, take a few puffs and let the good vibes roll. 

It's the ultimate hassle-free way to enjoy the potential benefits of delta-8. So let's dig in! 

Top 5 Delta-8 Disposable Vape Pens

  1. Best Overall: Diet Smoke

  2. Best Delta 8 Live Resin: TRĒHouse

  3. Ideal For Relaxation: Koi CBD

  4. Best Delta 8 Disposable Flavors: Secret Nature

  5. Extra Strength: Diamond CBD


1. Best Overall: Diet Smoke

Whether you’re looking for that energizing high or a more mellow feel, Diet Smoke delta-8 disposable pens have the perfect blend of delta-8 and cannabinoids. You can choose the milder blend of 100% hemp-derived THC containing 950 mg of delta-8 THC and 950 mg of HHC per vape. For a more intense experience, the THC-P enhanced blend with a whopping 1850mg of delta-8 THC and 50mg of THC-P per vape will surely put a pep in your step.

HHC induces a euphoric high that’s similar to THC with more relaxing and sedative qualities akin to delta-8, meaning you still get high but not as physically and mentally stimulated. THC-P induces an intense, euphoric high that’s much stronger than other THC cannabinoids. 

Both formulas come in Watermelon OG indica and Blue Dream sativa hybrid blends. These disposable vapes are rechargeable and designed with anti-clogging technology. A visible window lets you know when your vape oil is finished. And since it’s a disposable pen, just pick up a new pen when you’re done! 

These vape pens are lab tested to confirm potency and safety. There are a variety of strengths you can explore. The flavors are delicious because they contain unique terpene blends from some of the most well-known cannabis strains.


  • Combines delta-8 with HHC or TCH-P
  • 100% hemp-derived THC
  • Variety of strengths
  • Two delicious strains 


  • Can’t ship delta-8 products to Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Montana or Vermont

What Customers Love:

Customers appreciate that Diet Smoke follows through with lab testing on all their products. They have easy access to the lab test results, giving them a sense of security when purchasing their products. They enjoy the flavors of these delta-8 disposable vape pens and appreciate that they deliver a smooth buzz they can feel, but that isn’t too overwhelming.

Learn more at Dietsmoke.com

2. Best Delta-8 Live Resin: TRĒHouse

If you’re looking for a more potent vaping experience, check out the Live Resin Delta 8 Vape Pen Super Lemon Haze disposable pen by TRĒHouse. This disposable vape pen contains 2 grams of high-potency live resin delta-8. Each pen has approximately 800 puffs and is rechargeable as well as disposable.

If you’re nostalgic for the classic Super Lemon Haze strain, you’ll find the same fresh citrus and earthy flavor when vaping this delta-8 disposable. It delivers that relaxing high that’s just right to get you in the mood to get things done or just enjoy a nice buzz without being too high. If you need a mood lift and want to chill out with a mildly trippy psychotropic high, this disposable vape pen is also perfect for you.

Each delta-8 disposable vape pen contains 1755 mg of cannabinoids with 1250 mg of delta-8, 500 mg of delta-10, and 5 mg of THC-P. These disposable vapes are made in the USA, are 2018 farm bill compliant and have a verified potency. You can check out the lab reports directly under the product description on the website. 


  • Highly potent live resin delta-8
  • Clean formula with no additives
  • Also contains delta-10, THC-P
  • Fruity cannabis flavor


  • To qualify for free shipping, you must first spend at least $75

What Customers Love:

Customers call these disposable vape pens some of the best on the market. They enjoy the flavors and the light buzz they get. For some, it’s a great way to start the day. For others, it’s a way for them to enjoy their social activities. They feel it puts them in a fun and relaxed mood that is the perfect in-between space between being too high or too sober.

Learn more at Trehouse.com

3. Ideal for Relaxation: Koi CBD

Koi CBD offers a delta-8 disposable vape pen in three different strains and flavors crafted to help you relax and unwind. This is definitely the pen to pick if you want to kick back and take it easy. Each disposable vape pen contains 2 grams of delta-8 hemp-derived to deliver a blissful and relaxing sensation that helps you recharge in no time. 

You can choose from three strains: Lemon Tree hybrid, Dream Cake sativa, and Granddaddy indica. The pen has an auto draw activation and the battery is rechargeable. The design is sleek with the Koi CBD logo printed at the bottom. 

Koi CBD follows through with third-party lab testing to make sure their products are pure and have accurate cannabinoid concentrations.

This delta-8 disposable has a pre-heat functionality that allows for an air-activated draw. It also has a ceramic heating coil that makes those draws super smooth. The rechargeable battery is 280mAH. Check out the lab reports by scrolling down on the webpage. You can view the Certificate of Analysis (COA) for each strain and flavor option and download them at will.


  • Three terpene profiles to choose from
  • No additives, fillers, or cutting agents
  • Delivers mood-uplifting, relaxing effects


  • Not suitable for individuals who are subject to drug testing

What Customers Love:

Customers appreciate how smooth each drag is and how it delivers awesome flavor. They describe these disposable vapes as “heavy hitters.” One customer shares that it gets him where he wants to be but with a clear mind. Some love using these disposable vape pens for nights when he goes out dancing and comment positively on the design. 

Learn more at Koicbd.com

4. Best Delta-8 Disposable Flavor Variety: Secret Nature

Secret Nature delta-8 disposable pens will surely deliver a flavorful and elevated experience. These live resin cannabis vape pens utilize pure cannabis-hemp flower extract along with fresh, frozen cannabis terpenes. This is what delivers that true-to-plant flavor Secret Nature is known for. 

You can select from various strains like Mimosa, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Forbidden Fruit, Grape Ape, Gorilla Glue #4, Gelato, Wedding Cake, and more. Depending on the vape pen, you can customize your experience to be more delta-8 or CBD-heavy. These disposable vape pens are 100% organic and always third-party lab-tested.

These delta-8 disposable vape pens contain live resin along with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Secret Nature doesn’t just offer delta-8 disposable pens — you can also pick up CBD or THCV. If you’re more of a connoisseur and you’re interested in pairing a solid disposable vape pen with some flower, Secret Nature highlights some nice options on their website.


  • 100% organic
  • Multiple strains and terpene profiles
  • Full spectrum cannabinoids and terpenes
  • True to plant flavor


  • The cannabis smell gets strong in an enclosed space when you vape consistently

What Customers Love:

Customers love these disposable vape pens because they offer a wide variety of strains with the most authentic flavors. The effects help them kick back and relax or provide a moderate high they enjoy. Customers also appreciate that the design is clean, the strains are effective, and they’re able to enjoy them discreetly. The hybrid strains get a lot of positive reviews. 

One customer describes Wedding Cake as having a creamy smoke to it. Another one says he’s more of a first-timer and feels like these disposable vape pens offer him a wonderful opportunity to explore the world of delta-8 disposables.

Learn more at Secretnaturecbd.com

5. Extra Strength: Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD offers a line of “10X delta-8” disposable pens they claim are ten times stronger than their competitors. This means you can expect next-level effects when you vape these high-THC pens. They’ve upped the buzz factor, so it’s best to have some vaping experience before you try those THC-heavy pens.

Each delta-8 disposable vape pen contains all-natural ingredients and hemp-derived cannabinoids that deliver a relaxing yet buzzy psychotropic high. They can give you mood enhancement that relieves stress, helps you relax and eventually facilitates sleep.

You can choose between options like Blue Dream, Green Crack, Grape Ape, Pineapple Express, and Skywalker OG. All these vape pens contain 920 mg of hemp-derived delta-8. That’s approximately 240 puffs per vape pen. 

The Blue Dream Vape disposable vape pen has approximately 3.83 mg of delta-8 per puff. It weighs 0.40 pounds, and the ingredients are simple with just hemp extract and natural terpenes. The lab reports are directly under the product description on the website. Just click to enlarge the view. Typically, you can find a great deal in the top banner, so look for any available codes, especially during the holiday season.


  • Delivers a bold psychotropic high
  • Unadulterated with no synthetics
  • Multiple flavors
  • Energizing, as well as stress-relieving effects


  • Products may go out of stock on occasion

What Customers Love:

Customers love how convenient these delta-8 disposable vape pens are. The draws are smooth and the effects are as advertised. Once you feel the delta-8 sensation, you know how to recognize it with a new product. One customer says she feels more personable because delta-8 helps her relax and diminishes her nervousness in social situations. Another customer says he feels mildly stoned after six puffs of this delta-8 disposable vape pen. They highly recommend both the product and the company with five stars.

Learn more at Diamondcbd.com

How We Made This List

Delta-8 has made a massive impact on the cannabis industry. It offers a federally legal way for users to experience a psychotropic high in a much milder way than still federally illegal delta-9. 

When there’s a spike in the market for any product, it creates an advantageous situation for suppliers looking to capitalize in the short term. To ensure we only recommend high-quality brands and delta-8 disposable vape pens, we considered the following:

Independent Lab Testing

This step is a must. Any reputable brand knows to batch test each of their products to confirm they’re safe for human consumption. This step clearly itemizes the ingredients in disposable vapes to offer you transparency and peace of mind. If a brand is skipping past this step, we don’t give them a second glance. All of the brands we highlight above follow through with independent lab tests and make those lab results available to you for your review.

Strain Variety

Delta-8 has nuanced effects. It’s not the same across the board. Some people prefer the type of psychotropic high that has an energizing effect, which gets them through the day, especially the mid-day slump. Others prefer their delta-8 disposable in the evening when they’re winding down from the day. We selected brands and products that offer this variety — when you know the effects you prefer, you can make a better selection.

Flavor Variety

Some potent vape cartridges have that earthy, herbaceous flavor reminiscent of delta-9 cannabis strains. For those who appreciate the true-to-plant flavor, this is an important consideration. Others are not fans of this heavy plant-flavored experience and prefer sweeter, fruitier, and tangy flavors. In the list above, you have a whole range of flavors to select from, ranging from earthy to fruity.

Cost and Savings

We’re always thinking of ways to help you save. It’s nice to treat yourself and splurge once in a while, but it’s also important to save whenever possible. This is especially true if you regularly purchase delta-8 disposable vape pens. With each of these brands, you have opportunities to save. Sometimes that means a subscription option, other times they have coupon codes, and sometimes you can subscribe to a newsletter to get a first-time customer discount.

What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC refers to the psychoactive substance that is derived from the cannabis sativa plant. It’s just one of over 100 different cannabinoids that the cannabis sativa plant naturally produces. It doesn’t have a high concentration naturally, so delta-8 THC gets manufactured from hemp-derived CBD. Delta-8 disposable vape pens have been around for a while but if delta-8 is new to you, you may confuse it with its more popular (yet federally illegal) cousin, delta-9 THC.

Delta-8 offers a much milder psychotropic high than delta-9 THC does. Additionally, it’s legal in states that have not legalized delta-9 THC products. Some people prefer it because of its milder effects. It’s not the kind of high you got from delta-9 THC, which is sometimes immobilizing and paranoia-inducing. Instead, people report feeling a bit fuzzy and overall, more relaxed and sociable.

Things to Consider When Buying Delta-8 Disposable Vapes

Although it’s easy to find delta-8 disposable vape pens in smoke shops, online stores, and even some gas stations, it’s important to remember that not every delta-8 disposable vape pen is created with optimal care and concern for your safety. This is true for any disposable vapes, vape juice or vape pens, so we’d like you to consider the following before you make a monetary investment in one of these products.

Lab Testing and Results

It’s one of the first things we look at when putting a list of hemp derived products and it’s also something you should consider as well. While brightly colored packaging, great marketing and flash sales are really attractive, those aren’t the most important factors when buying disposable vapes. Instead of putting yourself in a precarious situation with a product you’re inhaling into your lungs, make sure that you always do your due diligence and follow through with checking up on lab reports to ensure no harmful toxins are included in your disposable vapes.

Even fly by night vape pen brands are getting savvier with the statements they post with their products. Just because you read that a product is lab-tested doesn’t mean that it actually is. Don’t get caught up in a scam; take the time to review the lab reports yourself. This ensures you’re always in the know and ahead of the game. Once you can confirm that the vape pen brands you’re looking into are safe, pure and as potent as described, you can really enjoy the flavor and effects.

Also keep in mind that you also want to avoid delta-8 products that are made with vitamin E acetate — which is sometimes added for a cheaper production process but has been noted as a potentially harmful ingredient.

Expected Effects

Speaking of the effects, it’s also important you understand the difference between different strains when it comes to hemp derived products. Sativas are more of a daytime strain that allows you to go about your day feeling a bit buzzy and energized with a clear mind. This is great for creative projects and for keeping up with your regular responsibilities.

Indica strains are the opposite. These effects are a bit heavier and more relaxing, which makes these more potent vape cartridges ideal for evening use. This is a great option for when you want to wind down and watch a movie or simply prepare for a restful sleep. 

The other strain you’ll see offered is a hybrid. It’s pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a combination of a sativa and indica strain. It delivers the best of both worlds. Some people like feeling relaxed while still having a little burst of energy to keep them going.

Flavor Preference

A lot of people overlook this consideration, but it really makes a difference, especially if you have a picky palate or dislike artificial flavors. Some delta-8 disposable vape pens are terpene rich, which makes them have more of an earthy flavor. This is reminiscent of delta-9 THC or regular weed as you may know it. If that’s not up your alley, make sure you pick up a delta-8 disposable vape pen that has a flavor you can enjoy. It’s not fun if you’re just choking it down. It’s much better if you get to enjoy something fruity or something sweet to really get the full experience.

Disposable vs. Rechargeable

There are some disposable vape juice pens that are not rechargeable. These just kind of die down toward the end and you toss them. The beauty of having a rechargeable disposable vape pen is that even when you get to the last of the vape juice, you can still power it up by recharging the battery and enjoying every last drop to the fullest.

Coupons and Discounts

It’s always nice to save a little money so consider taking advantage of special offers and promotions. Sometimes, just by subscribing to a brand’s newsletter, you can get a coupon that saves you up to 25% off your first order. Some companies also offer subscriptions, which allow you to save a certain percentage on all future orders so long as you keep them coming. Subscribing to newsletters also keeps you up to date with those special deals so that whenever they come through, you can stock up and either keep your stash or share it with friends.

How to Use Delta-8 Disposable Pens

Disposables are really easy to use. They’ve even been made better with the rechargeable option. They already come equipped with vape juice, so you don’t have to worry about getting your fingertips all sticky with some of the more advanced non-disposable options. Basically, it arrives ready to use. Sometimes, they are draw-activated, which means that all you have to do is start taking a puff and the ceramic heating coil gets activated. It heats up the vape juice, and you get your hit.

Other times, the disposable may have a little button that you use to activate it and get it going. Either way, it heats up the vape juice and you can enjoy the flavor and the effects with a couple of puffs. Once you’re getting close to the end, you can recharge it, get the most out of your last bit of delta-8 and simply toss it. These are really convenient and easy to use, which is why so many people love them.

How Long Does a Delta-8 Disposable Last?

There’s no specified amount that disposables last. It depends on a couple of different factors. For one, it depends on whether you’re working with a 1 gram disposable or one that holds 2 grams. Obviously, the one that holds 2 grams will last a bit longer than the one that holds a single gram. Another factor to consider is how you vape. Whereas one person may take little puffs, another person may enjoy taking longer drags. The person who takes longer drags is going to go through the product more quickly than somebody who takes shorter puffs.

Additionally, you may enjoy the sensation after three or four puffs whereas somebody else may need nine or 10 puffs to get to that psychotropic high they enjoy. Once you get acquainted with how you use disposables and your favorite types of disposables, you’ll come up with this answer yourself. You’ll know if it lasts you a week, two weeks, or even a month in some cases when they’re not used very frequently.

How Long Does Delta-8 Stay in Your System?

Generally, delta-8 is detectable in your system for somewhere between one to three days after the last time you consumed it. However, metabolites can linger in your system for up to three months sometimes. It’s very individual how this happens so these are sort of general guidelines. If you get regularly drug tested or you are subject to random drug testing, it’s not a good idea to consume any delta-8 products.

Does Delta-8 Have Any Side Effects?

Delta-8 does have some side effects that you may experience, depending on how your body responds to it. Some people have reported side effects like hallucinations, tremors, and anxiety. Others have reported confusion, loss of consciousness, and vomiting. These aren’t common side effects, but they do happen. If you realize you are sensitive to delta-8, it’s best for you to discontinue use altogether. Remember that delta-8 is not suitable for people with medical conditions so always double-check with your doctor to confirm that it’s safe for you to explore any delta-8 products.

Is Delta-8 Legal?

Delta-8 is technically federally legal because there are no stipulations regarding this manufactured cannabinoid in the 2018 Farm Bill, which is what legalized products like CBD. So far, there are still no laws or regulations against it; however, some states have moved forward with banning the substance. Ultimately, you can answer this question by checking the regulations of the state you live in to determine if it is allowed in the state where you reside.


How much does a delta-8 disposable cost?

Prices range between $30 and $60 on average, depending on the company and quality. Remember, you can typically find some great deals online, especially if you’re a first time customer.

Is disposable delta-8 safe?

When it’s from a trusted supplier and you can review the lab test results, you can confirm that it has been deemed safe for consumption. However, remember that every person’s body is different and responds differently to new substances. If you have any health conditions or any doubts at all, always consult with your medical provider and have an open, honest conversation about why you want to explore delta-8 products and work with them to figure out if it’s something that’s safe for you.

What is the strongest disposable delta-8 vape?

You can compare disposables by looking at the total milligrams of delta-8 THC per vape. This is how you determine which one has the strongest concentration of delta-8 THC. Remember, this is not delta-9 THC. In order for delta-8 THC products to remain federally legal, they can only contain less than 0.3% of delta-9 THC.


For many customers, delta-8 is a wonderful way to enhance their lives. Whether they prefer morning, daytime, or evening varieties, they enjoy having something that tastes good and delivers pleasant effects. If that sounds like something you’re interested in getting in on, be safe when you shop. Stick with reputable brands like the ones we highlighted above!