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Is Truthfinder Legit? Uncovering the Truth Behind the Popular Background Check Service

Based on recent customer reviews, site credentials, and its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the answer to the question, "Is Truthfinder legit?" is a resounding yes.

Presented by Originated Media April 6, 2023

Based on recent customer reviews, site credentials, and its A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the answer to the question, "Is Truthfinder legit?" is a resounding yes. With its accuracy, credibility, and affordability, Truthfinder is a popular choice for learning more about the people you interact with at work, at home, or on the street.

Is Truthfinder legit?

Understandably, it can be hard to trust something you haven't used - especially in the world of online background checks. As such, we've done the research to provide a comprehensive answer to the question, "Is Truthfinder legit?" With this guide, you'll understand what Truthfinder is, learn why millions of users trust the service, and feel confident using it to get the background information you need on anyone in your life.

What is Truthfinder?

Before we get to answering the main question, “Is Truthfinder legit?”, a bit of basic information is in order. 

A search engine for public records, Truthfinder gives you access to over 500 million background profiles in one easy-to-use platform. It uncovers a person's criminal history, social media accounts, contact information, and much more.

Searches on Truthfinder can begin with any combination of information you have about a person, including phone number, email, name, and previous location. By entering as much information as possible, you can narrow down the list of potential matches and get highly accurate results.

What you end up learning on Truthfinder will vary depending on the amount of available data, but users can typically expect to see any information available on public record, including but not limited to:

  • name & age
  • past & present addresses
  • phone number, email address and other contact information
  • location history
  • social media accounts
  • criminal records
  • traffic violations
  • marriage & divorce records
  • property ownership
  • deep web info
  • social media profiles

The information is gathered into a user-friendly report with clearly labeled categories and drop-down menus. Reports can be shared with others, printed out, or saved for later viewing without ever leaving the Truthfinder platform.

How Do I Know if Truthfinder is Legit or a Scam?

We come back to the fundamental question: Is Truthfinder legit? There are many ways to know that Truthfinder is legit and not a scam - even without ever using the service. Most notable is the SSL encryption that Truthfinder uses to protect users. This feature is noted by the tiny lock icon on the left-hand side of your address bar.

This icon signifies that your information is being securely stored and encrypted, meaning it is not accessible to anyone who does not have authorization to view it. Additionally, SSL security features are a common hallmark of legit businesses as it verifies they have taken the necessary steps to protect their customers from digital harm.

To add to its legitimacy and foster trust in its users, Truthfinder also provides detailed resources to answer any questions or address concerns about using a reverse phone lookup or online background check service. By remaining transparent in its operations, Truthfinder retains its legitimacy and shows it is a service people can learn to understand and trust, thus supporting a strong “yes” to the fundamental “is Truthfinder legit?” question.

A regularly available customer support team enhances this trust further. With dedicated members available for any questions, users can trust their concerns are heard and taken seriously. And with numerous contact options via call, email, and direct messages, users can find the Truthfinder support they need from quickly and easily - another hallmark of a legit business.

As a final show of legitimacy, customer reviews across hundreds of reputable rating sites prove Truthfinder to be a reliable service. The lengthy list of happy customers and satisfied users of the Truthfinder website is a testament to the service's legitimacy and trustworthiness - as well as serving as further proof of the “yes” answer to the “Is Truthfinder legit?” question.

Truthfinder Reviews

Still not satisfied with the in-depth answers to the question, "Is Truthfinder legit?" Take a look at these customer reviews and see what real people have said about their experiences with Truthfinder.

Truthfinder reviews on Sitejabber

Sitejabber is an excellent resource for getting honest reviews from real people who have used the Truthfinder service. In its aggregate rating, Truthfinder has an impressive 3.5 out of 5 stars - showing that customers generally rate it very highly and are happy with their experiences using the service.

The most common praise in these reviews revolves around the detail and accuracy of the information returned by Truthfinder. For example, a recent Verified Purchaser commented that they were "very pleased and happy" with the massive amount of information received from their search. 

With 5 stars in every category, this verified purchaser speaks sentiments shared by hundreds of others who have left reviews for Truthfinder. This positive feedback and customer satisfaction further solidify Truthfinder's legitimacy as a reliable and trustworthy service.

Additionally, the Truthfinder support team receives lots of positive reviews - with many that frequently mention customer service as being helpful, friendly, and quick to respond. In one instance, a user reports that they received fast assistance with a PDF downloading issue and got free perks to make up for any inconvenience they may have experienced.

As a result of its commitment to customer satisfaction - a true hallmark of a legit business - this customer also provided the site with a five-star review and a likely return to the platform for future searches.

While Sitejabber currently boasts several hundred reviews for Truthfinder.com, the ones we picked best represent the current user experience of the service. Combined with Sitejabber's reputation as a legitimate source of customer reviews, these satisfied customers serve as reliable proof that Truthfinder is a legitimate service.

Truthfinder reviews on ConsumerAffairs

For over 20 years, ConsumerAffairs has been a trusted source of consumer reviews, news, and advocacy. Its review score of Truthfinder.com is a solid 4.2 out of 5 stars based on over 1500 customer reviews.

A common theme in these reviews is the ease of use. Customers note the platform's intuitive design and straightforward process for obtaining information makes it easy for anyone to use - even if you don't know your way around the internet. 

In fact, one user was happy to save time and energy using the service, stating that their overall experience was great despite not knowing much about how computers work.

Leaving a four-star review and likely becoming a regular user, this customer's experience is just one example of the convenience and simplicity that this legit background check service offers.

Additionally, many of the 1500+ reviews rave about the accurate, fast results on anyone you seek. A Verified Review from a customer using Truthfinder since 2018 praises the site's accuracy and shares his feelings about how great it feels to know who you are dealing with.

This 5-star review represents the major determining factor in determining whether any site, including Truthfinder, is legit - accuracy.

ConsumerAffairs is full of great comments about Truthfinder's services, but we chose these two specifically because they best sum up the overall opinion of its users. Plus, based on how ConsumerAffairs verifies its reviews and protects against scams, potential Truthfinder users can rest assured that these reviews represent an accurate picture of the site's legitimacy.

Truthfinder Reviews on Better Business Bureau

A bastion for consumer protection, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been helping people avoid scams since 1912. The BBB has given Truthfinder an A+ rating based on how the company handles customer complaints and interacts with users.

The reviews posted to BBB are largely positive, often citing helpful customer service and speedy delivery of reliable results. For example, one customer was pleased that once she had completed her Truthfinder search, she was able to easily and quickly cancel her membership without any issues or hidden fees.

Truthfinder's legitimacy as an honest business that cares for its customers earned them a five-star review from this user - a story told repeatedly in similar highly-rated Truthfinder comments on BBB.

Furthermore, customers also appreciate the reliability of results, with one user in particular thrilled to find her friend with Alzheimer's who disappeared.

After using Truthfinder's database of billions of public records, the user was able to locate her friend, reunite with her, and leave a five-star review declaring her appreciation for the service and support - a relief and fulfillment that only a legit background check service could provide.

The BBB reviews continue for pages about Truthfinder's excellent customer service, reliable results, and convenient access to information. But we picked these two reviews specifically for their relatable stories and how they demonstrate Truthfinder's legitimacy as a dependable, honest background check service.

Why Do People Use Truthfinder?

From general curiosity to security concerns, Truthfinder is the go-to service for those looking to learn more about someone in their life. Countless users have put the vast database of public records to use for a variety of reasons, proving that this legit online background check service is more than just a gimmick.

Finding lost loved ones

Whether it's a forgotten old friend or an estranged family member, Truthfinder makes it easy to find someone without expensive private investigators or months of research across different public records locations.

Even with an outdated phone number or contact information, Truthfinder can still turn up helpful knowledge to help users locate the family members they seek for a heartfelt reunion.

Try their People Search

Verifying an online date

Met someone online and not sure if you are getting catfished? Use Truthfinder to run a background check on the name, address or phone number and get the whole story. From past address history to criminal records, you'll know if they are telling the truth or just spinning a web of lies.

Additionally, this service is often used by family members concerned about the person their loved one is dating. With a few clicks, they can learn if that potential partner is who they say they are, ensuring a safer dating experience.

Try running a Background Check

Keeping up with neighbors

No matter where you live, it's always wise to remain aware of those who surround you. Whether they're the old couple next door or the new family down the street, getting to know your neighbors can be beneficial in many ways.

For example, if you are going out of town and want to know which neighbor you can trust to keep an eye on the house, Truthfinder can provide you with potential red flags on neighbors you may contact for assistance.

Look Up Your Neighbors

Protecting your own identity

One of the most popular use cases for Truthfinder isn't looking up other people - it's seeing what information is out there about yourself. By doing a simple reverse phone lookup on your own phone number, or entering other personal information, you can control your digital footprint and see who might be looking at it - or exposing it to others.

By monitoring your own public records, you can stay one step ahead of stalkers, hackers, and identity thieves who would otherwise use the information against you. Additionally, you'll be able to ensure your current contact information stays up-to-date so that anyone who needs to find you, can.

Pros and Cons of Truthfinder

Ultimately, any drawbacks of using Truthfinder are far outweighed by the benefits of using its service for an affordable and accurate background check. But knowing what to expect when using the site for the first time can ensure a smooth and effective search experience.

Pro: Billions of public records

With access to billions of public records, Truthfinder has one of the most comprehensive databases available to uncover hard-to-find background check information. 

Furthermore, their database covers more than just what you'd find on your typical background check or in arrest records; it also provides access to the dark web, social media accounts, and more.

Con: Monthly membership

Currently, there is no way to buy a one-off background check report with Truthfinder. Instead, you'll need to purchase a monthly membership to perform unlimited searches and receive unlimited reports in a category of your choice. 

Fortunately, a monthly membership comes with a free trial, is super affordable, and can be canceled anytime by contacting a helpful customer service representative via email or phone.

Pro: Fast results

The speed at which Truthfinder finds and delivers results is impressive. Most searches are completed within minutes, so you can find out the information you need quickly and conveniently. 

Compared to other research methods requiring users to travel to courthouses and pour through piles of papers, Truthfinder's speed and accuracy are a godsend for those who need fast results.

Con: Potentially unsettling results

Being prepared for what you'll find in a Truthfinder report is important. They can unearth information that you may not have expected, such as a criminal past or an alias someone is using. 

Although this type of information can be unsettling, knowing the truth is better than living in uncertainty. By taking a moment to prepare yourself before reading the final background check report, you can ensure this con doesn't take away from the value of Truthfinder.

Pro: Reliable resources

Truthfinder's database isn't just internet rumors or deep fakes of people's identities. Instead, their information is derived from multiple reliable sources, such as state and county criminal records, sex offender registries, court records, and more. 

This ensures that the refined results you receive accurately represent the people or organizations you're searching for.

Con: Multiple results

With nearly eight billion people on the planet, there is a chance that the person you are searching for has the same name as someone else. 

This can lead to multiple results from your search. Truthfinder includes detailed information such as age, location, and a photo of the person you are searching for so that you can easily identify who you're looking for.

Pro: Privacy protection services

Speaking to Truthfinder's legitimacy as a trustworthy resource, they offer privacy protection services to help keep your information safe. This includes removing yourself from the Truthfinder database, opting out of data-sharing with third parties, and more. 

These services prove that the company takes its customers' privacy seriously and is committed to ensuring the safety of your personal data.

Where Does Truthfinder Get its Data?

Multiple sources service to provide Truthfinder with its vast database of information. Each source offers unique data, and Truthfinder leaves no stone unturned when collecting reliable public records.

  • County, state, & federal records

From courthouses to state archives, Truthfinder searches through court records, criminal and arrest records, birth & death certificates, marriage licenses, and more in county, state, and federal databases. This information is deemed public by law, and data are updated regularly.

  • Social network services

Social network data from popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more are also collected by Truthfinder when the profiles are set to public view. This includes posts people have made about other individuals or organizations as well as contact information stored in profiles.

  • Dark web

The dark web's notoriety as a place to find nefarious activity doesn't mean it should be ignored. Truthfinder searches the dark web for activity and information related to individuals and organizations that can be used for malicious purposes. This includes monitoring for leaked home addresses, private contact information, and other sensitive data.

Is Truthfinder Safe?

Until now, this guide has highlighted why the answer to the question “is Truthfinder legit” is a solid yes. But the question of safety still remains; is Truthfinder safe to use? The answer is yes.

Not only does the site boast a secure platform that safely stores and protects users' private data, but it also follows the strict guidelines and regulations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to protect users' rights.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act ensures that companies like Truthfinder are held accountable for providing accurate, up-to-date records while protecting their users from identity theft or fraud. And because Truthfinder is not considered a Consumer Reporting Agency, you won't have to worry about searches being used to affect your credit score, ability to be hired or insurance rates.

Lastly, the biggest testament to Truthfinder’s safety is its privacy guarantee. At no point during the search will your information be shared with third parties without your consent or knowledge, and you can even opt out of the services at any time. Additionally, the searches will never know that you performed one.

With protections for your data, secure searches, and a legal commitment to accuracy, you can trust Truthfinder to be a safe resource for finding information about people.

What are the Terms & Conditions of Using Truthfinder?

As mentioned previously, Truthfinder takes users' safety and rights very seriously. That's why the company has a set of rules and regulations outlined in its Terms & Conditions that must be followed when using the services.

The main points to take away from these guidelines include:

  • Subscribers must be at least eighteen years old.
  • Users are solely responsible for their data and searches.
  • Searches will be done in compliance with all applicable laws.
  • Subscribers cannot use the services to stalk or harass other users.
  • Reports cannot be used to determine credit eligibility, employment decisions, tenant screening, or any other activities the Fair Credit Reporting Act restricts to a professional Consumer Reporting Agency.

These terms protect both the users and Truthfinder from any legal implications that could arise from misuse of the service while ensuring that users are provided with accurate information safely and securely.

Is Truthfinder Legit? Absolutely!

In conclusion, Truthfinder is a reliable and safe source for obtaining detailed information about individuals. Its vast database—compiled from multiple sources such as county, state, and federal records; social network data; and even the dark web — ensures accurate results in every search.

Plus, the company's commitment to privacy protection guarantees that your data remains secure throughout the process. So, whether you're looking into an online date's information, researching a new neighbor, or trying to find someone from your past, Truthfinder is the perfect tool for getting all the information you need - legitimately and safely.