The most fashionable film combining aliens, models, drugs, and color blocking ever?

Ten years ago, Portland’s design statesman Adam Arnold held a fashion show inspired by Liquid Sky. The 1982 new-wave film has it all: tiny flying saucers full of invisible aliens, a bisexual nymphomaniac fashion model, orgasms that lead to death, and a German scientist. You know, typical holiday fare.

On Monday, December 10, the Hollywood Theatre’s Fashion in Film series (which, be warned, I cohost) will present a time-capsule look back at Arnold’s film-inspired collection, with commentary from Arnold about this bit of Portland history. And then—yup, you guessed it—we’ll screen the exceedingly rare cult classic. (We actually had to track down the 78-year-old director Slava Tsukerman for a print.)

That means it’s likely the only opportunity you’ll have to see this colorful, weirdo wonder on the big screen—not to mention the opportunity to see a modern designer’s decade-spanning inspiration. The film's 1960s style, filtered through a 1980s lens, is, in the word's of my cohost Marjorie Skinner (one-time fashion columnist for the Mercury) full of “prints and patterns, stripes and grids and polka dots in ‘brain-frying’ colors.” Don't miss it.

Fashion in Film: Liquid Sky with Adam Arnold

7:30 p.m. Mon, Dec 10, Hollywood Theatre, $9

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