Fitness is Fashionable

30-Day Fitness Trial – The End

We’ve got the final results from 30 days of working hard.

08/16/2012 By Eden Dawn


Half Drag Beauty


Beauty Beat

Half Drag Beauty

Behold the power of makeup in this Vogue Italia editorial.

08/08/2012 By Eden Dawn

Fashion News

A Perfume That Makes You Skinny?

Can you smell your way to thin?

08/02/2012 By Eden Dawn

Fitness is Fashionable

30-Day Fitness Trial – Day 15

I’m halfway through the Studio X Fitness Trial, and it’s working.

08/02/2012 By Eden Dawn

Fitness is Fashionable

30-Day Fitness Trial

What kind of results can you get in a thirty day boot camp?

07/26/2012 By Eden Dawn

Beauty Beat

My Aveda Makeover

Try on new hairstyles without any longer term commitment.

07/26/2012 By Eden Dawn

Beauty Beat

Take the Foundation Test

Portland company Alima Pure wants your makeup to match.

07/12/2012 By Eden Dawn

We Heart Video

The Way to Beauty

A vintage instructional guide to looking good.

06/28/2012 By Eden Dawn

Trend Watch

Trend Watch: Nail Art

Nail art! This season’s eye-popping vivid creations include everything but the kitchen sink.

06/26/2012 By Eden Dawn

Beauty Beat

Ditto Does MAC

A Portland gal creates a beauty empire.

06/21/2012 By Eden Dawn

Style Spotlight

Spring’s Hair & Makeup Trends

A visual guide to looking good this season.

05/08/2012 By Eden Dawn


Raising the Barre

Barre3’s ballet-Pilates-yoga fusion has attracted some big names—including Louise Ciccone, better known as Madonna.

02/23/2012 Edited by Zach Dundas By Ramona DeNies

beauty beat

A Spa Day at Venus Allure

A review of the spa services at this Belmont business.

02/02/2012 By Eden Dawn


Gift Guide: Beauty


Gift Guide

Gift Guide: Beauty

Shop Talk’s Annual Gift Guide Kicks Off!

11/28/2011 By Eden Dawn

Cover Story

Relax: 50 Ways to Spoil Yourself This Season

For a season famous for good cheer, the holidays can prove pretty stressful. Fortunately, we've found 50 ways to soothe your soul (and mind, and body, and appetite) this winter.

11/18/2011 Edited by Kasey Cordell With Brian Barker, Zach Dundas, Rachel Ritchie, Martin Patail, Benjamin Tepler, Ramona DeNies, Ashleigh Westmoreland, Meghan Ratliffe, and Derek Pettie


Video: The Royal Shave

We test a new shaving sanctuary's luxury lather.

08/19/2011 With Chelsea Fitch and Ryan Donaldson

Fitness is Fashion

Barre3: The Final Frontier

An update, as I limp into the final week of my 30-Day challenge.

05/08/2011 By Eden Dawn

Fitness is Fashion

Barre3 30-Day Challenge: Day 11

A third of the way into my crazy challenge and I’ve got some hard proof.

04/25/2011 By Eden Dawn