Message in a Bottle

Does wine always tell a story? Sure. But more important, I’ve learned, it always gives you a story to tell.

10/01/2013 By Zach Dundas


Introducing Our New Editors

Meet Portland Monthly's executive editors Rachel Ritchie and Zach Dundas.

09/03/2013 By Randy Gragg


The Father of Oregon's State Parks

How Samuel Boardman preserved—and created—Oregon's statewide green spaces

08/01/2013 By Randy Gragg


The Future of Centennial Mills

A look at one of the most tantalizing and problematic development sites in the region

07/01/2013 By Randy Gragg


New Heights

How one talented staffer has shaped the pages of Portland Monthly.

06/03/2013 By Randy Gragg


Watershed Politics

Lawrence Halprin's designs for Keller Fountain and the farms and vineyards of the Willamette Valley

05/01/2013 By Randy Gragg


Keep Portland Free(er)

The conundrum of historic districts

03/22/2013 By Randy Gragg


Public Art & Debate

A look at Portland's newest public art project, Lead Pencil Studio's Inversion: Plus Minus, now rising in the Central Eastside.

02/15/2013 By Randy Gragg


When I Learned

The impromptu history lesson that most changed my life.

01/24/2013 By Randy Gragg


Sam Adams Exit Interview

Portland's departing mayor hastily answers some of our questions.

12/20/2012 By Randy Gragg


OHSU's Commuter Science

OHSU creates connections between its doctors, campuses, and the city

11/21/2012 By Randy Gragg

Editor's Note

In Memoriam: Robert Reynolds

Every dead friend leaves a void, but the loss of the Portland food culture’s BFF is deep.

10/16/2012 By Randy Gragg

Editor's Note

Poll Positions

It's high time we crunched the numbers on our neighbors.

09/20/2012 By Randy Gragg

Editor's Note

Let the Feast Begin

Few people have made the simple act of cooking and eating your own food as accessible—and politically meaningful—as Mark Bittman.

08/23/2012 By Randy Gragg

Editor's Note

Season of Giving

In the weeks that passed between the time our editors researched and wrote “The Art of Eating Cheaply” and the time Portland Monthly went to press, something rather unfortunate happened: Prices went up.

08/16/2012 By Jill Davis

Editor’s Note: August 2012

Water Master

We can thank a 19th century city employee for tapping into the pristine Bull Run water supply.

07/18/2012 By Randy Gragg

Editor's Note

Walker’s Way

She doesn't have much of a jump shot, but Barbara Walker is still one of our favorite trail blazers.

06/22/2012 Edited by Randy Gragg

Editor’s Note

The Great Attractor

It's not a local secret: Everyone knows that the Gorge is a great place, not only to play, but to work and live.

05/24/2012 By Randy Gragg

Editor's Note

Personal Bests

With this month's issue, we present our first “best of the city” feature in almost four years.

04/27/2012 By Randy Gragg

Editor’s Note

Ready, Aim, Grow

Portlanders owe a debt to the botanical bounty and plant prowess of John and Lilla Leach.

03/23/2012 By Randy Gragg