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Art's Footprint

First Thursday celebrates 25 years of art walking.

08/19/2011 By Randy Gragg

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State of Refuge

07/22/2011 By Randy Gragg


Editor’s Note

Parks have always been a battle between expenses and aesthetics.

06/29/2011 By Randy Gragg


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Parks Near and Far

05/20/2011 By Randy Gragg


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Food insecurity in Oregon has created a push for community-farming programs.

04/22/2011 By Randy Gragg

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A Yeon Centennial

After a century of conservationist work, collection of art and architecture, John Yeon finally gets the recognition he has long deserved.

03/09/2011 By Randy Gragg

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Golden Goals

With the Portland Timbers' first season as an MLS team fast approaching, over 10,000 season tickets have been sold. The question is, can the low-budget "Timbers Army" fan base that has been with the team for 10 seasons in an obscure second-tier league sur

02/11/2011 By Zach Dundas and Martin Patail

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Private Eye

Randy Gragg gives some insight into the idea that the steady influx of East-coasters has contributed to the growing interest in private-school education in Oregon.

01/14/2011 By Randy Gragg

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Bridge of Sighs

The rush-hour creep between Vancouver and Portland could lead almost anyone to conclude that traffic on the I-5 bridge over the Columbia River will only get worse.

12/22/2010 By Randy Gragg

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December Muses

11/17/2010 By Randy Gragg

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The Eat Beat

Portland Monthly welcomes local restaurant critic Karen Brooks as the new Food Editor just in time for the annual Best Restaurants issue.

10/07/2010 By Randy Gragg

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Welcome! The Central East side is OPEN.

09/13/2010 By Randy Gragg


Political Stagecraft

Portland Monthly Editor in Chief Randy Gragg takes a look and Portland's possible new culture tax.

08/16/2010 By Randy Gragg

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Bootstrap Medicis

07/14/2010 By Randy Gragg

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Hop Love

Editor-in-Chief, Randy Gragg, compellingly addresses Oregon's wine/beer rivalry: why is wine given so much attention, when beer is, arguably, more important, and at least equally as loved?

06/11/2010 By Randy Gragg

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Campfire Tale

Editor-in-Chief, Randy Gragg, spooks readers with the tale of his first Oregon camping adventure.

05/21/2010 By Randy Gragg

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Rearview Mirror

The Oregon Historical Society is the West Coast’s third-largest historical archive and has been in operation for 112 years. But without a fast-acting helping hand, OHS could face a phased shutdown. The reason? No surprise: lack of operating money.

04/15/2010 By Randy Gragg