This is one of those secret entrances to the park, and Firelane 1 is beautiful, swoopy and curvy. Factoring in the easy pedal down NW Thurman St, a brief tour of the Aspen neighborhood and a challenging climb back up NW Holman Ln, and a steep descent, you’ve got a Saturday afternoon memory-maker.

ROUTE: From gate, descend down Firelane 1 to Nature Trail intersection with Wildwood Trail and Firelane 1 (nice spot with tables for a picnic or even a wedding). Stay straight onto a steep part of Firelane 1 and follow the switchbacks down to a right turn onto Leif Erikson Dr. Cruise down to the NW Thurman St gate, veer right onto NW Aspen Ave until it tees into NW Raleigh St. Turn right through the gate and ascend up NW Holman Ln, a steady, sometimes slick climb on which bikes are allowed to ascend but not descend. At NW 53rd Dr, turn right and climb the mile back up the road to NW Forest Ln (street sign on your left, turn on your right).

DIRECTIONS: Park at Forest Ln lot, 6980 NW Forest Ln.

6.5 miles