Built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Timberline Trail circumnavigates Mount Hood’s rugged, 11,240-foot peak. Ford the gurgling Newton, Sandy, and White Rivers. Tramp through thick old-growth cathedrals of Douglas fir toward mesmerizing cascades like Ramona Falls. Absorb the colossal views of Cascade peaks from Cooper Spur’s barren pumice plane. And at Elk Cove, gawk at one of the West’s best wildflower displays, laden with western pasque, bear grass, witch’s hair lichen, western trillium, purple lupine, Indian paintbrush, and evergreen huckleberry. In other words, this iconic trail is a greatest hits of Northwest splendor, and a rite of passage for any Oregonian hiker

DIRECTIONS: Follow US 26 to Government Camp. Turn north on Road 50 to Timberline Lodge. Park in the designated parking area when you arrive. The trails are located behind the lodge and up a paved service road about a couple hundred yards.NW Forest Pass required.

Note: This is the same trailhead for the Timberline Trail, the Paradise Park Loop hike, and the East Zig Zag Overlook Hike.

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Mount Hood
24.5 miles