Accessible from the West Side MAX light-rail line, this 222-acre greenspace in the heart of Beaverton makes it easy to get wild in the city. As many as six wildlife habitat areas—from cattail marshes to open meadows—converge within the tranquil grounds, which teem with creatures such as great horned owls and croaking Pacific tree frogs. And when rain turns other local hiking trails into muddy misadventures, this park’s 1.5 miles of paved paths—winding beneath a thick canopy of big-leaf maples, Pacific dogwoods, and Douglas firs—still offer plenty of room to stretch your legs.

ROUTE: The two main paved footpaths, the Vine Maple Trail and the Oak Trail, are crisscrossed by more than 15 well-marked, cedar-chip-sprinkled side trails. These lead to the park’s more remote areas, such as the North Woods, where a skyscraping stand of 100-year-old firs houses flocks of chirping winter wrens. Free maps are available at the park’s interpretive center near the main entrance on SW Millikan Way.

TRAILHEAD DIRECTIONS: From US 26, take Exit 67 for SW Murray Boulevard. Keep left at the fork and turn left onto SW Murray Boulevard. Drive approximately 2 miles and turn right at SW Millikan Way. Travel three-quarters of a mile and look for the park entrance on the right. MAX riders can access the park from the Merlo Road/SW 158th Avenue stop. No pets allowed. No fees or permits required. 

1.5 miles to 5.5 miles