Outdoor Gear Essentials for Your Next Camping Trip

From walkie-talkies to comfy chairs to less-bad camp coffee, add these to your packing list.

By Sam Stites Published in the March 2023 issue of Portland Monthly

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hile not every camping trip presents the same level of rugged adventure (and calls for the same high-performance gear), you’ll still want the right equipment to be as comfy, cozy, and caffeinated as possible. Here are a few pieces of gear sure to improve your experience, whether you’re out for a day or for a week, checking out one of Oregon's state parks or just having an outdoor slumber party in the backyard

Nemo Stargaze Luxury Reclining Camp Chair

Bring the comfort of home to your campsite with this camp chair that both swings and reclines. The headrest provides the perfect position for stargazing in Cottonwood Canyon or taking a nap at Short Sands Beach while the kids collect shells and rocks. Helps keep fidgets and those with restless leg syndrome active while sitting around the campfire. $299.95

Snow Peak Cast Iron Duo Cookware Set

 One of the most annoying parts of using cast iron is how long it takes to heat up—or cool down if you’re trying to clean up while breaking camp. Snow Peak has solved that problem with a Japanese-designed cast-iron cookware set that is ultra-thin, meaning you won’t have to waste fuel (whether that’s wood, coals, or gas) waiting for your dutch oven or pan to get up to cooking temperature. $269.95

Stansport Camper’s Percolator Coffee Pot 

Who are we kidding? Camp coffee ain’t glamorous (personally, we don’t mind it cowboy style), but it is delicious on a cold morning. And while pour-overs are too much work and take too long, percolators are tried and true. Just get your stove going, pour some water in, scoop some grounds into the percolator basket, and get ready to enjoy one of the best mediocre cups of coffee you’ve ever had. The best part about this coffee pot and maker is that it’s all one piece, so it takes up less room in your kit and still makes up to nine cups. $24.99


Midland T10 Walkie-Talkie Set

If you’ve got little ones ready to begin exploring on their own, this walkie-talkie set is a great investment. And by investment, we mean whatever change is laying around because it’s surprisingly cheap. But don’t let the price fool you: they have decent range for non-hard-core applications, and the preprogrammed channels make it easy to find a private line for telling your little explorers when it’s lunchtime. $37.49

Camp Chef Redwood Gas Fire Pit

If you’ve been in Oregon for any length of time, you know that having a fire is a tricky feat these days. Skip all the regulations and concern about whether you’re being safe enough by purchasing a reliable gas fire pit. They’re great for keeping a small group warm or heating up a couple hot dogs without all the fuss of getting a wood fire going. Spend less time blowing on your fire and more time enjoying it. $219.99

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