Delicious Dungeness crab. Sweet, meaty razor clams. Plump deepwater rockfish, even cabezon. On the Oregon coast, these can be your tasty wages for a few hours of labor. But let’s be honest—is it really work to muck about in the sand with a pail and shovel? Kayak through calm estuaries like Buddha in a drysuit? Sink your line to the ocean floor—thrilling to a tug from a hungry fish? From mariners big and small, here’s where to start: with three must-do ocean adventures, our primer on Oregon’s young boat-to-table movement, and an annotated guide to seafood’s wilder side.

In This Feature:

How to Catch Your Own Dungeness Crab Feast on the Oregon Coast. In a Kayak.

You’re gonna go crabbing in what?? Launch your pedal kayak for a surf-skimming trip.

05/19/2016 By Kelly Clarke

A Luxe Charter-Fishing Trip Puts Oregon’s Seafood Bounty at Your Fingertips

No angling skills? No problem. Reel in all the good stuff from a charter vessel.

05/19/2016 By Ramona DeNies

Go Razor Clamming on Washington’s Awesome Long Beach Peninsula

Head north for wet, sandy beaches and sweet, buttery clams.

05/19/2016 By Kelly Clarke

You Should Be Eating More Amazing Oregon Fish

Oregon’s coastal waters teem with unique seafood. So why isn’t it ending up in our restaurants?

05/23/2016 By Ramona DeNies

Beyond Halibut: Oregon Seafood You Must Eat Right Now

Black cod to gapers, bay shrimp to butter clams, here’s where to find—and how to prepare—the best of Oregon’s briny bounty.

05/13/2016 By Ramona DeNies and Kelly Clarke

Catch of the Day: Local Chefs Share Their Go-To Recipes for Oregon Seafood

From saucy crabs and albacore crudo to razor clam chowder, here's a bevy of ways to prepare Cascadia's briny bounty.

05/13/2016 By Kelly Clarke and Benjamin Tepler