We’ve captured all manner of Northwest splendor in our compendium of hiking and biking excursions: crazy views, cascading waterfalls, alpine lakes, endless wildflower meadows. And, of course, post-hike watering holes.

In This Feature:

Hiking and Biking Along the Oregon Coast

From epic views and Hobbit trails to boardwalk biking and strolls through quaint seaside towns, the coast is calling.

07/20/2015 By Allison Jones

Hiking and Biking the Columbia River Gorge

Bike abandoned rail lines, hike to swimming holes, and seek out secret waterfalls.

07/20/2015 By Zach Dundas

Hiking and Biking in Mt Hood Territory

Picture-perfect meadows, ripe huckleberries, alpine lakes, and the country’s longest network of mountain-bike-specific trails on federal land await your muddy boots.

07/20/2015 By Benjamin Tepler

Hiking and Biking in Central Oregon

Ancient lava tubes, bright wildflowers, and crystal-blue rivers are just a few hours away.

07/20/2015 By Eden Dawn

Hiking and Biking in the Willamette Valley

Wine isn't the only reason to head to the valley, where you'll also find old-growth firs, misty swimming holes, and volcanic switchbacks with killer views.

07/20/2015 By Tuck Woodstock

Hiking and Biking in the Portland Metro Area

No time for a weekend away? Explore the adventures in your own backyard.

07/20/2015 By Margaret Seiler and Ramona DeNies

An Oregonian's Guide to Hiking and Biking in Washington

Don't let a state border keep you from tackling some of the best trails around.

07/20/2015 By Rachel Ritchie