Above: Nancy Greene Lake. Image courtesy Tourism Rossland/Eric Gonzalez/Red Mountain Resort

We offer you three Canadian adventures Portlanders can have as a road trip, plus farther-afield versions if you want to get on a plane and take off to the great white north, eh. 



In This Feature:

Beers and Beach Walks on Vancouver Island

The number of breweries in British Columbia has exploded in the past decade.

10/07/2021 By Margaret Seiler

Eat the World in Vancouver and Toronto

From a ’90s izakaya boom to new Tamil tastes, Canada’s world cities are full of flavor.

09/16/2021 By Lee Man and L. Kris Gowen

Bike or Ski the Slopes of Rossland, British Columbia

Rossland, Nelson, and the West Kootenays beckon year-round with trails, history, and ’Roxanne.’

10/07/2021 By Margaret Seiler