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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


J. D. Perkin

11:00 AM FREE Russo Lee Gallery

The Portland native has worked with textiles, steel, and (life-size!) ceramics, and even in the field of performance art—a 1990 piece, Dirt Box, was supporte...

LeBrie Rich

11:00 AM FREE Wolff Gallery

In Felt Grocery, Portlander LeBrie Rich examines food as both political statement and cultural connector with a series of 20 felted food sculptures of produc...

Poetic Imagination in Japanese Art

10:00 AM $20 Portland Art Museum

Curated by PAM's Maribeth Graybill, this exhibit showcases Japanese poetry and the visual form it's taken throughout the centuries. Expect to see a rare frag...

Vaginal Davis

11:00 AM FREE Adams & Ollman

Vaginal Davis’s work has been described as “terrorist drag” for the way the Los Angeles-born, Berlin-based artist rejects sanitized versions of drag and ques...

Tommy Kha

Editor’s Pick 12:00 PM FREE Blue Sky Gallery

“My work is about the self in self-portrait, the portrait in self-portrait, the hyphen in self-portrait,” says Tommy Kha. In I’m Only Here to Leave, his face...


12:00 PM FREE Ori Gallery

Curated by Ori co-founder Maya Vivas and featuring artists April Felipe, Habiba El-Sayed and Natalia Arbelaez, Inheritance uses ceramics to explore ideas of ...


The Color Purple

12:00 PM and 7:30 PM $25–77 Gerding Theater at the Armory - Main Stage

Portland Center Stage opens its season with a musical version of Alice Walker's Pulitzer-winning novel, set in the American South in the first half of the 20...

Wakey Wakey

7:30 PM $25–39 Portland Playhouse

Portland Playhouse kicks off the season with Will Eno's tragicomedy, in which a dying, wheelchair-bound man reflects on mortality. Bleak? Possibly. But the N...

Small Mouth Sounds

7:30 PM $30–60 Artists Repertory Theatre

A weeklong silent retreat in the woods would not seem, at first blush, the best fodder for the stage. But with its minimal dialogue, Bess Wohl’s 2015 play mi...

A Life

7:30 PM and 12:00 PM $25–57 Gerding Theater at The Armory - Ellyn Bye Studio

Portland Center Stage commissioned this play by Adam Bock—though it actually premiered two years ago, in New York City—about a middle-aged, recently dumped g...