You can learn a lot about a place by what it chooses to remember. And dotted throughout Oregon are little shrines to our history: apparently, we’re into puppets, planes, and miniatures (plus vacuums and Bigfoot, naturally).

Follow along as we highlight the weirdest, wildest, most out-of-the-way museums in Oregon, plus institutions within city limits every Portlander must visit, and whether our rising statuses as an animation hub and footwear giant might deserve museums of their own. Grab a tote, a turtleneck, a 20 for the gift shop, and let’s get to thoughtfully nodding.

In This Feature:

10 Must-Visit Museums in Portland

From stalwarts like OMSI to oddities like the Zymoglyphic Museum, you can make a fruitful day of museum-hopping without ever leaving city limits.

09/08/2021 By Conner Reed

10 Can't-Miss Oregon Museums Outside of Portland

Could we interest you in the world's largest pig hairball? Perhaps a gravity-defying ‘X-Files’ fixation?

09/08/2021 By Conner Reed, Julia Silverman, Nick Campigli, and Katherine Hamilton

An Ode to Oregon Museums We've Loved and Lost

Rest in Power, National Hat Museum.

09/08/2021 By Conner Reed

How Did Portland Become an Art City with So Few Art Museums?

For a city with a creative reputation, we're scant on honest-to-goodness museums.

09/15/2021 By Conner Reed