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4 Days of 420: Announcing Portland’s Best 420 Cannabis Event

Find something you’ll love at this citywide celebration of green.


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Expert Advice on COVID-19 Vaccines from Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Katie Sharff, Infectious Disease Specialist with Kaiser Permanente Northwest, shares thoughts with Portland Monthly cofounder and CEO Nicole Vogel.


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People Shopping for Different COVID-19 Vaccine Brands

Local medical expert shares why that’s risky to you and your community.


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Comparing COVID-19 Vaccines: Experts Say Don’t Wait

With three safe, effective COVID-19 vaccines now available in the U.S., experts agree that waiting for a specific one is unnecessary. The best vaccine is the one that’s available now.


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Win an Epic Seaside Vacation

Seaside's iconic Prom and Turnaround celebrate a centennial in 2021 with treasure hunts, historic tours, free collectibles, and four chances to win.


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A Multifaceted Fight Against COVID-19

Inside Kaiser Permanente's Pandemic Response


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Discover Your Perfect Pairing with Taste Washington this Month

This year, the party comes to you as new and longtime favorite wineries and restaurants team up to offer specials for Taste Washington Wine Month.


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‘Extraordinarily Rare’ Procedure to Keep a Heart Beating During the Pandemic

Radiation therapy commonly used to target tumors was a last resort for a Kaiser Permanente patient with a chronic heart condition — and it worked.


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Celebrate Women’s History Month at the Oregon Historical Society

Nevertheless, They Persisted: Women’s Voting Rights and the 19th Amendment is now open at the Oregon Historical Society.


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5 Garage Organization Tips You Should Know

With the right personalized storage solution, your garage can be as well-designed and as functional as the rest of your house.


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Basements That Can’t Be Beat

Top Dawg Basement ReCreation digs deeper, giving you more space to live your life.

03/01/2021 By Ben McBee

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Oregon Dungeness Crab: Sustainably Harvested Now for Future Generations

These commercial fishermen take seriously the role of “stewards of the sea” because they appreciate the connection between natural splendor, cultural heritage, and adventurous choices in food, and want to see that connection continue uninterrupted.


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Furry Heart, Happy Heart

Discover why owning a pet can improve your heart health — particularly during the pandemic.


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Expert Advice on the Basics of the COVID-19 Vaccine

The best defense is a good offense — and when it comes to defeating the pandemic, we will now be able to take the offensive: We can get vaccinated against COVID-19.


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Virtual, Drive-In, and More Unbound than Ever: Top Picks for the Portland International Film Festival

The Northwest Film Center’s annual festival offers more ways than ever to experience the intersection of art and cinema, March 5-14.


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Local Program Helps Entrepreneurs Convert their Favorite Recipes into Products for Store Shelves

Getting Your Recipe to Market celebrates fifteen years helping food and beverage makers get their innovations into retail spaces.


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Local Company Grants Backyard Transformation for Make-A-Wish Oregon

Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking, a local Portland company, donates a $40,000 backyard transformation to grant a 5-year-old boy’s wish.


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A Portland Couple's Dream Storage Comes To Light

For a Happy Valley couple, part of building their dream home included maximizing clothing storage—especially for her, a fashion enthusiast.


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Have a Hand in Building Your House

With Renaissance Custom Homes, clients pick the land, layout, and lots of other features.

01/26/2021 By Ben McBee

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Portland Monthly's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Couldn't we all use a little more LOVE right now? Show your love to local businesses while telling your loved ones how much they mean to you. Portland Monthly's Valentine's Day Gift Guide is here!