Portland Monthly chronicles, challenges, and celebrates one of America’s most innovative cities, inspiring readers to explore and shape the vibrant metropolis we call home.

Editorial & Production

Zachdundas hpcxax
Zach Dundas

Editor in Chief
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Mikenovak u7kq6a
Mike Novak

Art Director
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Margaretseiler naejni
Margaret Seiler

Managing Editor
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 blank yt4fho
Amy Martin

Associate Art Director
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Kellyclarke ufoowx
Kelly Clarke

Executive Senior Editor
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Fiona McCann

Senior Editor
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Karen Brooks

Food Editor and Critic
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Martypatail f5bid5
Marty Patail

Senior Editor
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Ramona denies 2 krkcof
Ramona DeNies

Associate Editor
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Edendawn uhbky3
Eden Dawn

Style Editor
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Bentepler zqufvw
Benjamin Tepler

Associate Editor
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Rebecca Jacobson

Digital Editor
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Scottweber wvlm2q
Scott Weber

Production Manager

Sales & Marketing   

Shirell Hennessy

Advertising Director, Portland Bride & Groom
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Chris healy izek64
Chris Healy

Senior Account Executive
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 blank yt4fho
Julie Lee

Senior Account Executive
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Gary Sommer

Senior Account Executive
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Sara King

Marketing Designer
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Bryony Redhead

Marketing Designer

Ian Smith

Sales & Production Coordinator
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Riley Grubb

Digital Ad Ops Coordinator

Samantha Eaton

Marketing & Events Manager
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SagaCity Media Staff

SagaCity Media, Inc. is the parent company of the preeminent lifestyle media brands in Portland, Seattle, Houston, Sarasota, Aspen, Vail, and Park City. In their respective markets, Portland MonthlySeattle Met, Houstonia, and Sarasota produce the largest-selling magazines, most-visited local lifestyle websites, and industry-dominating numbers of engaged social media followers. SagaCity also proudly produces web content and publications elsewhere, many of them award-winning, for conventions and visitors bureaus or lodging associations in such markets as Portland, Seattle, Santa Monica, Aspen, Washington state, Eastern Oregon, Bellevue, Tacoma, Galveston, Aurora, Greenville, and Vancouver.

Nicole vogel 02 htsfao
Nicole Vogel

CEO & Cofounder

Nicole vogel 02 htsfao
Scott Vogel

VP, Content & Cofounder

Bill 2 trqpn5
Bill Hutfilz

SVP, Editorial & Operations
Email | (971) 200-7014

Emily Wyant

VP, Marketing & Events
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Dan Derozier
Dan Derozier

Director, Digital Operations

Danny Quarrell

Director of IT

Kim Drever

Assistant to the CEO
Email | Bio | (206) 454-3099

Jennifer Cronover

Audience Development Manager

Ana Borel

Audience Development Associate Manager
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Marie caroll cropped 2 w7smzw
Marie Carroll

Training and Support Specialist
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Robert Kennedy

Production Coordinator
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Evelyne Banh

Senior Accountant

Heather goguen f3zbzg
Heather Goguen

Bio | Email | (503) 227-2902

Adrian Cepeda

Financial Analyst

ashley nelsen
Ashley Nelson

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Christine Kim


Janet Tran

Accounting Receivable Assistant
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Custom Media Staff

Jeff adams 02 ywyfxl
Jeff Adams

Vice President
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Anne reeser cropped adht2q
Anne Reeser

Design Director

Brian uvdtos
Brian Barker

Executive Editor
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Lora Helmer

Custom Media Sales
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Jessica Huang

Art Director

Sarah Williams

Art Director
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Jennifer Krazit
Jennifer Krazit

Custom Copy Chief
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Molly 2 pv3p0s
Molly Woodstock

Digital Content Editor
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