Bar Type(s)
Specialty Cocktails

Abigail’s menu sees Top Chef alum Doug Adams pillaging the drive-thru, making one of the flat-out best burgers in Portland from an unpretentious In-N-Out blueprint and offering up crunchy-shelled Taco Bell replicas and a frosty mug of Modelo Especial (just $7 for the combo). The drinks are solid, too; a seasonal hot buttered rum strikes the right balance between sweetness and bite, and parties of two or four can order preloaded cocktail shakers bearing stiff, well-mixed martinis or manhattans. The jewel-toned digs feature plush wingbacked chairs and delightful cartoons that nod to the space’s origins as a suffragette meeting place. Not everything’s a hit: the shoestring fries dissolve into a mass of salt and crunch after a handful or two, and the charcuterie is both overpriced and under-good. Still, Abigail Hall is one of the city’s most consistent hotel bars, a well-calibrated mix of high and low that should register with locals and visitors alike.

Abigail Hall

813 SW Alder St, Portland, OR, 97205
Daily 3–close