Bar Type(s)
Late Night, Outdoor Patio, Recommended Menu, Specialty Cocktails

Try your luck with some vintage amusements at EastBurn, a split-level restaurant and bar on E Burnside Street in a now-defunct dance club. The layout resembles one of those house parties where the adults have a mature cocktail gathering upstairs, while the rug rats are banished to the basement with a bag of Fritos. Before you head downstairs, take a gander at EastBurn’s superb patio, located to the right of the rather unexciting upstairs bar and bistro area. In this walled-in, Southwest-accented retreat,  listen to the staccato of rain on the canvas roof, and watch flames dance in fire pits sunken into the center of each mosaic-topped table. Some tables even come equipped with swings in lieu of chairs. The real action, however, occurs below, most of it focused around the red-tiled basement bar. The surrounding subterranean space, decorated with Value Village knickknacks and Pop Art paintings of dead rock stars, serves as a funky rumpus room for tattooed scofflaws eager to test their skill at skee ball while clutching pints of beer. There’s also a cocktail menu, but swankier sips such as the suave Martini Marionberry belong upstairs. Down here, simpler pleasures abound, like a ham and cheese sandwich and a Maker’s and soda.