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Some bars are for slow craft-cocktail sipping and earnest conversation. Others are for knocking back a whiskey soda in order to maximize your dancing time. Killingsworth Dynasty falls squarely into the latter category. The drinks and eats (coconut milk and piney syrup–assisted twists on classic cocktails, Southern-fried vegan fare) are a means to an end—you came for the party. In a raw space coddled by dark woods, rotating DJs and bands serve up a sweaty rotating riot of late-night fun, from Twerk’s queer hip-hop jam to the punk and new wave sounds of Strange Babes. Come midnight, that makes this North Portland haunt a weekend essential.

Killingsworth Dynasty

832 N Killingsworth, Portland, OR, 97217
Mississippi/Williams  • 
Wednesday through Saturday 7PM to 2AM Sunday 8 to close