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Late Night, Specialty Cocktails

When Luc Lac splashed into downtown Portland in 2011, no one knew what to expect: Grand Marnier sliced through avocado-cardamom milkshakes, pho spilled out of the kitchen long past midnight, and customers happily jammed into a hangar-bay of a dining room. Thanks to black-vested brothers Adam and Alan Ho, Luc Lac is now an essential late-night dining destination, with wildly creative cocktails to rival Portland’s best eye-dropping mixologists, and comforting Vietnamese flavors courtesy of matriarch Le Ho. With wisdom earned from a family tree of pho-slingers, Le Ho’s sweet broth—brimming with springy rice noodles and flavors of dark anise—is one of the best around. Luc Lac keeps rolling until 4 a.m. as creamy, carbonated, orange-scented, slow-drip coffee and plush, pickled banh mi push the epicurean envelope way past Portland’s last call.