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Late Night, Live Entertainment, Outdoor Patio, Recommended Beer Selection

It’s named for a 1919 Somerset Maugham novel in which a London stockbroker—loosely modeled after French post-impressionist Paul Gauguin—yearns to break free of his humdrum existence. If the yearning for far-off islands strikes a chord, then perhaps a quick trip to the old sod is in order. The Moon & Sixpence is about as British as you’re going to get around these parts, with unfussy décor comprising burnished wooden tables, pew-style benches, and kegs and casks strewn artfully about the room. The menu offers a variety of drafts, including an impressive selection of Belgian-style ales and bottled imports, as well as some not-so-usual suspects from the Northwest. And garrulous Newcastle-swilling regulars rub corduroyed elbows at the bar, while bearded beer snobs shed their Gore-Tex for a friendly game of darts—made more lively if you’ve just pawed a basket of greasy fish-and–chips. Tahiti it’s not, but it’s got a foggy allure all its own.

The Moon & Sixpence

2014 NE 42nd Ave, Portland , OR, 97213
Hollywood  •  503-288-7802
Mon-Sun 3P-2:30A