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Late Night, Live Entertainment, Outdoor Patio, Specialty Cocktails

Imagine a Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam’s red light district that serves a pretty decent burger, and you’re here. It’s no longer a flophouse for landlocked sailors, of course, but the tawdry ambience certainly helps the former turn-of-the-century brothel foster a kind of foggy, sleepy, can-we-get-a-room-please mood among its earnest, starry-eyed customers. And after indulging in a few dangerously effervescent champagne cocktails, they may begin to behave as though they’ve just been transported to a candlelit love den.

Sapphire Hotel

5008 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR, 97215
Hawthorne/Belmont  •  503-232-6333
Mon-Fri 4 PM- 2 AM <br> Sat 9 AM - 2 AM <br> Sun 9 AM- Midnight