Photography by William Anthony

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Recommended Menu, Specialty Cocktails

With a name like the Driftwood Room, one might imagine a bar with a nautical theme, its walls coated with ship’s wheels and fishing nets. But this darkly lit (dare we say cavelike?) bar, set discreetly off the lobby of the Hotel Deluxe, is more like a rendezvous locale for vintage-clothed hipsters or a posse convened by David Lynch. Pale-yellow couches undulate beneath exposed-brick walls at the bar’s elegant cul de sac. It’s a piece of drinking real estate desirable for its views of the room and also for the abundance of shadows where a couple can easily disappear—into either a vodka haze or a lusty mood.

Happy hour stretches from 3 to 6 during the workweek at cool cat club the Driftwood Room. You’ll look swank nibbling on ahi tuna for $4.50 or spooning up the chicken chowder for $2.50.

The Driftwood Room

729 SW 15th Ave, Portland, OR, 97205
Goose Hollow  •  503-223-6311
Mon-Sat 11:30am-12am <br/> Sun 1pm-9pm