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Recommended Menu, Specialty Cocktails

The Urban Farmer is an upscale steakhouse found on the eighth floor of the swanky Nines Hotel downtown. It’s situated in an enormous atrium setting off the lobby, with four soaring stories of balconies ending in a glass ceiling. As befits an eatery dedicated to the joys of red meat, the cocktail options are of a similarly robust nature. We recommend the O’Harry, a brawny, rural variation on the Manhattan made with moonshine—a raw, distilled liquor created by Christian Krogstad at House Spirits. The Portland Meadows is a fruit-and-spice driven blast of bitter, that also owes its considerable kick to the distinguished Mr. Krogstad and the delicately nuanced aquavit that bears his name. Come for the for the fabulous array of beef; stay for the drinks.

To sample the bartender’s special cocktail of the day for $5, make an appearance between 3 and 6 or after 10 during the workweek. You may want to augment that drink with a $2 oyster or a $5 set of sliders.

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