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Here Are Our Favorite Places for CBD, Edibles, and All Things Cannabis

Looking for the perfect set and setting? Look no further.

By Portland Monthly Staff

Electric Lettuce’s Northeast location feels like stepping into a budtender’s funky living room.

Image: Michael Novak

Since recreational cannabis was legalized in Oregon in 2014, a lot of shops have flowered and bloomed around Portland.

Don't feel like checking them all out to find the best one for you? We got you, bud. Below are our favorites, divided by quadrants. 

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Mindrite operates with a simple philosophy—cannabis should help you. And Mindite makes it easy with daily special offers, discounts for veterans and OMMP card holders, and a robust selection of flower, concentrates, and more. Fun fact: the store was once featured in an episode of What Would You Do? with John Quinones. Also, this should go without saying: Don’t buy a joint for some random-ass kids. 1780 NW Marshall St

Broadway Cannabis Market

Every dispensary offers something a little different. At Broadway Cannabis Market, founded in 2019, you'll get “a coffee shop meets an electronics store meets an art gallery,” per their website. And, yeah, it’s got that eclectic feel, but it’s never overwhelming. The tall, open ceilings and industrial space invite a sense of comfort while appreciating new strains, tinctures, vapes, and more. With another location in Beaverton, there’s plenty to explore. 427 NW Broadway Ave

Broadway Cannabis Market



The brightly lit, super-stocked space inside a wooden house on N Mississippi belongs to a mini-chain (about 16 by our last count) known for accessible price points and amenable budtenders: a great first stop for inexperienced users. 4125 N Mississippi Ave

Bridge City Collective North Center

Behind opaque North Portland windows, a clean, modern space awaits. Bridge City Collective, which opened in 2010, focuses on the artistic, scientific, and medicinal aspects of marijuana, and offers tinctures extracts, salves, edibles, and more at their two locations. We like this one: 4312 N Williams Ave


Electric Lettuce

The sublimely branded chain, splashed with purple, orange, and blue, is like your überhip friend’s living room: warm lighting, cozy chairs, funky art, and, yes, vinyl. Fun fact: Portland branding firm of the moment OMFGCo designed this vibe from head to toe. With three locations in Portland, we prefer this one, in a converted two-story house: 203 NE Weilder St

ReLeaf Health

At ReLeaf, you’ll find everything from CBD bath confetti to hash oil, pre-rolls, topicals, edibles, kief, and more. One of ReLeaf’s budtenders will discreetly deliver your cannabis to your door. Free shipping on THC orders of $50 or more, and CBD orders of $40 or more. 3213 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd


Remember when weed was … illegal? Remember scrounging together some crumpled-up bills with a few friends just to score an ounce that didn’t get anyone that high anyway? Jayne remembers. Here in Oregon that taboo has disappeared, and since 2015, Jayne has offered a leisurely atmosphere, excellent service, and high-end products at low cost. Get comfy, bring your mom, and share a joint or two. 2145 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd


With flagship stores in Portland, Bend, and Cannon Beach, Oregrown has been a sleek staple in cannabis consumption and education. The vibes at their Portland store are just right, decked out with an open-concept floor plan, tall-windows, and a lushly white interior (juxtaposed with a brooding black exterior). Browse the bud or consider their house-made merch. With daily deals, original apparel, and a dedicated staff, you're bound to walk away with something. 111 NE 12th Ave



Built on a philosophy of marijuana as medicine, the Scandinavian-chic Hawthorne spot analyzes 64 of the plant’s compounds to break down effects at a micro level. If any place can convince buttoned-up parents that weed can alleviate back pain and migraines, this is it. 916 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Cannabliss & Co.

Cannabliss’s flagship Southeast Portland store—a 1913 firehouse with huge white doors, original brick, an old alarm bell, even a brass fire pole—was Oregon's first medical marijuana dispensary. Since opening their Firestation 23 shop, Cannabliss now has five stores, with locations in Eugene and Springfield. 1917 SE 7th Ave


Serra's got "quality drugs" for all your complex feelings. Choose your medicine based on mood using a classification system guide with “feeling symbols,” like energy, relaxation, relief, creativity, and more. This mini-chain is like a cannabis terrarium: windows, glass, iron-framed displays, premium greenery. Indulge in cannabis-infused treats like delicate chocolates and caramels and sweet and sour gumdrops. Graphic designers and typographers will appreciate Serra's stellar font—Lydian, we're told by our deputy art director (nerd alert!). We like this location: 2519 SE Belmont St


Chalice Farms

Lined with chic live-edge wood cabinets and shelves, this outdoorsy-themed chain excels at no-pressure encounters, whether you’re searching for CBD/THC muscle rubs or trading yarns about smoking resin in the 1980s. Don’t miss Chalice’s house-made lines, which include edibles, oils, and tinctures. With seven shops, a cannabis diary, a consumer club, and a web series, Chalice is so much more than just your local weed store. 823 SW Naito Pkwy

Maybe you’re looking to try a range of products and scale back on the amount of time you spend inside dispensaries. Or, for accessibility reasons, maybe you want your cannabis delivered to you. Try Green Box, Oregon's first licensed cannabis delivery service.

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