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ASCEND Is a Roadmap for Career Success

The virtual CTE (Career and Technical Education) program helps graduates make informed decisions about what comes next.

07/02/2021 By Ben McBee

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Dispelling the Special Ed Stigma with Virtual Learning

Oregon Charter Academy’s special education and related services help students achieve their goals in a safe and supportive environment.

06/23/2021 By Ben McBee

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ASCEND Bridges the Gap Between School and Career

Students can graduate from Oregon Charter Academy ahead of the game with industry certificates and college credits.

08/20/2020 By Ben McBee

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Students Reach for the Stars

Oregon Charter Academy’s innovative NASA partnerships serve as a launchpad for STEM learning.

08/13/2020 By Ben McBee

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Taking Education Online Tuition-Free

In the technology (and pandemic) era, virtual public schooling at Oregon Charter Academy just clicks.

07/28/2020 By Ben McBee