Have a Healthy, Happy December with these Local Wellness Events

From liver lessons and cricket flour cook-offs to solstice yoga and skiing with Santa, Portland keeps it weird this month.

12/03/2015 By Katelyn Best and Molly Woodstock


How One Portland Clinic Brought Acupuncture to the Masses

Working Class Acupuncture proves that complementary care can be effective and accessible to all.

11/20/2015 By Katelyn Best


Emily Heller Talks Feminists and Being Funny

With a new album in the works and a Portland show approaching, the California comic holds forth on how comedy is like cooking, gorillas, and why her jokes aren’t just for “intersectional feminist librarians.”

11/11/2015 By Katelyn Best

Gear Up

Expert Tips for Your Rainy-Day Bike Commute

From the right gear to smart maintenance, here’s how to keep riding through the winter.

11/02/2015 By Katelyn Best


Four New Portland Gyms to Get Your Butt in Shape

From self-defense-focused training to a boot camp run by yogis, these new studios offer something for everyone.

10/26/2015 By Katelyn Best


Can Chamber Music Save the World?

A string quartet collaborates with an environmental physicist to get audiences thinking about climate change.

10/12/2015 By Katelyn Best


The "Perfect" Body: Fitness Inspiration or Unobtainable Deception?

From Barre3 to a new body-positive barbell gym, Portland fitness pros weigh in on body image, photoshop, and aesthetic role models in the health industry.

10/09/2015 By Katelyn Best


Healthy Events for Your Fittest, Most Mindful October

Mustache Dache 5k, meditation classes, self defense personal training, and a fast track to happiness

10/08/2015 By Katelyn Best


Why You Need to Check Out Tonight's National Women’s Soccer League Championship in PDX

If you caught Women’s World Cup fever this summer, here's some good news

10/01/2015 By Katelyn Best


What’s It Like Growing Up Black in West Linn?

Melissa Lowery is black, and she grew up in a predominantly white suburb of one of the country’s whitest cities. Her film Black Girl in Suburbia unpacks that experience for teenage girls living it today.

09/29/2015 By Katelyn Best


This Oregon Company Was Growing and Selling Natural Medicine Before It Was Cool

Williams, Oregon’s Herb Pharm is a giant in the world of holistic tinctures and remedies—and it all got started at Powell's Books.

09/21/2015 By Katelyn Best