Photography by Sierra Breshears

Price Scale

Micah Camden’s neo-pop noodle house looks like a ramen shop designed by Lucky Peach magazine. Wu-Tang Clan bumps from the sound system and an entire wall is clad in a mural of three cute but devilish Japanese girls hovering over a chicken, pig, or tuna leaping from a ramen bowl. The serial restaurateur’s spicy red miso ramen has addictive potential. The broth teems with the warm rush of Calabrian chiles, parmesan, and butter paired with bouncy noodles from LA’s famed Sun Noodle Co. For dessert? Pastel-hued mochi flown in from Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream and Desserts in Honolulu. You want the passion fruit: creamy and softly fruity, a Dreamsicle reborn.

Meal Times
Dinner, Lunch

Boxer Ramen

1025 SW Stark, Portland, OR, 97205
Downtown  •  503-894-8260
Mon-Fri: 11 am-9 pm Sat-Sun: noon-9 pm

Boxer Ramen

2032 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR, 97211
Alberta/Killingsworth/Fremont  •  503-946-1619
Mon-Sun: noon-9pm

Boxer Ramen

2309 NW Kearney St, Portland, OR, 97210
Pearl District/Old Town  •  503-208-3785
Mon-Fri: 11am - 9pm Sat-Sun: noon - 9pm