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With a highly curated wine list, a room full of fermenting barrels in the back, a case of hard-to-find cheeses, and a simple lineup of flavorful comfort snacks, Cyril’s is casually stretching the form of a wine bar. Take a seat at the white marble bar and rest easy in the hands of wine nerd Michael Claypool, while cheese monger Sasha Davies rolls out a black slate of mouthwatering cheeses. Everything gets a thoughtful touch, from a daily mac and cheese to a chickpea salad dressed in dried apricot vinaigrette.

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Cyril's at Clay Pigeon Winery

815 SE Oak St, Portland, OR, 97214
Central Eastside Industrial District  •  503-206-7862
Tue-Thu: 4pm - 9pm Fri-Sat: 4pm - 10pm