Asian, Gluten-Free, Vegan
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Ichiza brings pan-Asian vegan small plates and oolong tea service to Goose Hollow, recreating the flavors and recipes of owner Cyrus Ichiza's childhood. Ichiza uses traditional “slow food” techniques and tasty mock meats distributed by Cyrus’s aunt to craft dishes like vegan chicken adobo marinated in coconut vinegar black soy sauce. It’s possible to order one large entrée, but you’re best served filling up on several thoughtful small plates—think bean curd skin, spicy tuna onigiri, sesame broccoli, and kimchi mungbean cakes, all served together on one tray. 

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Dinner, Lunch

Ichiza Kitchen

1628 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR, 97201
(503) 702-8374
Wed–Thurs: 12–10 p.m. Fri–Sun: 3–10 p.m. Mon–Tues: closed